How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets [IRCTC]

Tatkal ticket is the only way when you have to travel by train in emergency. It can be booked 24 hours or 1 day before departure date of the train. Problem is that you don’t get Confirmed Tatkal Tickets as quota is less and IRCTC Website doesn’t load easily during peak hours.

Not just the less quota is responsible for it but also there are many issues like Server Failure (due to load or done deliberately), Mass booking by IRCTC Agents and moreover Luck.

Here, I will share some tricks by which you can get a confirmed tatkal ticket on the go. Most of the Time is consumed filling up form details so, we’ll try to minimize that first.

Updated on 05th May 2012

Trick mentioned earlier used “Quick Book” feature of IRCTC Website but it is no more available during 10:00 to 11:00 AM IST so, only the regular booking option left for you.

Don’t worry because it is not just you but Quick Book won’t be available for anyone so just concentrate on minimizing time spent on each step while booking.

1. Things You Will Need

Go to and enter the station name and Date. Search Result will get first two things. If you are on windows 8, you may also try out Free Indian Railways Enquiry Apps for Windows 8.

Trains Between Station Code  on

  • Station Code – Though, Auto-suggestions are provided while typing out Station name but many a times it won’t or may time time. So, Entering Station Code yourself is recommended.
  • Train Priority – By knowing the train names, you can decide upon which Train to try first.
  • Identity Proof of any one Passenger- It is recommended to write down Driving License No or Voter ID or PAN Card number on Notepad and Copy it.
  • 3 Web Browsers - Install Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera on your System.
  • Multiple IRCTC Accounts – Don’t make it with Fake Details but one yours and other can be your Wife’s/Father’s or Friend’s account. At least two are recommended.

2. Trial Run

This Step has to be carried out 1 Day Earlier or before 9:30 AM on the day of booking. What I mean by trial run is carrying out booking steps as we are going to do as in Tatkal. Only difference is using “General Quota” option and closing the session on Payments page.

Tatkal Ticket Traveler Form

Why Trial Run?
To Keep Travelers’ Name in Browser Memory and don’t have to fill out all names while booking Tatkal. Just Mouse Click on Form Field will suggest names and can be entered without typing. This will save significant amount of time if there are more than two travelers.

Also, if using Credit Card, it can be used to save that 16 digit number separated in 4 form fields.

3. Keep Session Active

Tatkal Train ticket booking starts at 10 AM. So, you need to gear up early (say 9:40 AM) and try logging in Website before clock strikes 10 AM.

Open all 3 Web Browsers and login into IRCTC Website using different IDs and keep it active.

To do that, Find Trains in General Quota on same date, it will take few minutes and that’s what we want- just pass time till 10:00 according to IRCTC timing.

4. Start Booking

If the clock at IRCTC page says it is already 10:00:00 Hrs then start with the procedure one by one on all Browsers. Fill out the form just by double clicking mouse and entering the suggested names.

Keep in Mind – Never trust on the progress of booking on any procedure until you see the CONFIRM Ticket booked page. Keep going through the steps on all browsers simultaneously and stop not until at least 1 says “Booked”. I have personal experience of getting error message at the final steps so beware.

My Question is:

  1. Why Log in from Multiple Browsers?
    A – Just in case, you get “Service Unavailable” message or sometimes some browser gets lucky to get your requests done quicker.
  2. Why Multiple Accounts when I can do it from One on all browsers?
    A – If we are keeping process on going from different browsers on same account, chances are that, at the last time moment, IRCTC will reject your transaction saying one or more session open.
  3. Why Not AutoFilling Addons instead of Trial Run?
    A – You can use them too if you know but as here we are dealing with multiple browsers, Trial Run will be same for all and work in similar fashion.
  4. How to Deal with “Service Unavailable” or “Unable to Connect”
    A – Generally happens after train selection or filling out any form. Press Reload button and click on “Resend Data” when pop-up appears.

What does CKWL Tatkal Ticket means?

In a rare case, it may happen that while moving on to bank webpage, you are shown Availability but till you come back, the ticket provided has status CKWL.

CKWL means the Waiting List in Tatkal Quota which differs from GNWL (General Waiting List). In my case, CKWL 5 was cleared up within 2 hours of booking but it may vary train to train.

The above procedure tries to minimize the time spent in filling up forms and speed up tatkal booking so, you can grab confirm tatkal ticket before the quota is over. Good Luck and let us know of your success rate in getting a confirm tatkal ticket.

You may feel that the procedure is too lengthy to follow but read it once completely, it will take time in first shot especially for non tech-savvy people but it is easy to follow and a matter of getting Confirmed Tatkal Tickets :)

Update 09 July 2012 Tatkal Ticket booking starts from 10 AM IST since today.


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  1. I saw Lastpass in the screenshot above. It includes the auto-fill option and can be used in Chrome, IE and Opera as well.

    • Rohit says:

      LastPass cannot save custom forms. When you try it will fill up all Text box of with same text.
      I tried it and all 6 passengers’ text field was filled up with my name. Also, it cannot save Train source and Destination point and many other fields.

      Inshort, AutoFill Addon is dedicated to do this job and it is fit for this purpose.
      You try it and will know.

      • Got it !!! Indeed it saves time

      • chetan says:

        Hi rohit,

        The above instructions u gave is very good, but how to solve the problem of service unavailable. Generally everyday at sharp 8:00 AM the becomes unavailable and after 40-45 minutes it is again available. But by that time all tatkal tickets are gone. So do u have any suggestion regarding this.

      • Sachin Khante says:

        Hi Rohit Hw r U? I am using this Technic since 2008 and I hav never fail to get etatkal ticket from irctc. one more thing is I use crome, firefox n IE same time. but most of the time I find Firefox is most useful.?

    • singh c b says:

      speedio tatkal tiket software

    • kiran kumar singh says:

      bring some types of addons by which irctc booking process speedup during 8am-9am like availability not come fast, verification code come not quick etc… so please solve this problem to fast book ticket.

  2. Vijay says:

    Thanks. This is helpful.

  3. Ram Agarwal says:

    Thanks a lot……….


  4. Nitin says:

    Almost impossible to have Tatkal Ticket in seasonal period

  5. Ravi says:

    Getting tatkal ticket is a big pain in every Indians Life …… a days it doesn’t matter whether it is a peak season or not………booking Tatkal ticket is not everybody’s game…your tips sounds really interesting and i will try it next time and hope to get confirmed ticket this time…..

    Thanks anyways!!!

  6. Rohit Kothari says:

    Thanks dude for the valueable information.

  7. Shailesh says:

    Thanks a lot….the technique really helps!!
    Thnks a lot i could book the ticket!!!
    Indeed a really useful information…

  8. Vijay says:

    Will it work in MAC OS X Firefox 3.6? even after pasting javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null) right click is not working. :(

  9. UMESH says:

    Which is the best form saver for opera ??

  10. Sunil says:

    What if lot of folks try this option??

    • Not all will have to book same train on same day ;)
      Again, this trick skills go on refining as you do it again and again. Lastly, Luck also favors as site may go DOWN just when you are transacting.

      Don’t think too much Sunil, just give it a shot, it’s tried and tested to be working trick.

      • RITESH says:

        first of all thanks for your triks it really really works,
        secondly do you have any tricks for verification code in irctc it goes not loading but it would not appears ,kindly provide for the information

        thanks again !!!!!

  11. Swapnil says:

    Dear Rohit thanks for valuable inputs nut i m not able to auto fill the form can u tell me is there any setting to be done.

  12. kumar says:

    Hi dude, it worked for me is any other scripts for which to make service unavilable and to book the ticket, earlier grease monkey script were using now any idea about it.

  13. Karthik says:


    I successfully booked a tatkal ticket today after following all your instructions. Thanks a lot boss !!!

  14. Rakesh says:


    I have yet not tried to book tatkal ticket by your suggestion…but definately your suggestion will add one chance to get Tatkal ticket by self booking.

    Thanks dude…
    Will try soon and update on the same.

  15. har says:

    HI first of all its very good trick ….is it possible to do it in IE .if possible in IE plz guide how to do it
    .since the step of enabling right ckick is not working in IE …

  16. Vijayakumar SG says:

    I am using Firefox 3.6.13. I have some add-ons in addition to AutoFill Forms. When i type “javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null)” for enabling right click, it opens in a new tab. Right click is not working in mine.
    Please help me in this regard.

    Vijayakumar S G

  17. Sriram says:

    Verification Code section is not getting populated correctly even If we are trying with high speed internet connection. That is screwing the whole process.

  18. Suresh says:

    I followed all the steps stated by you, enabled right click but there is no option called “ADD Complete form as profile” Plz help me

  19. Suresh says:

    I enabled Autofill 1.5

  20. Satheesh says:

    It’s amazing…

  21. RAFIQUE says:

    hi dude ,i follow all the steps provide by you ,
    enabled right click but there is no option called “ADD Complete form as profile”
    But how to enable Autofill addon on Firefox?
    Plz help me???????

  22. Omprakash says:

    Awesome, it worked for me!!! Nice to know about the autofill and “javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null)”.

    Just one issue is this doesnt work in Mac.

  23. Pratap keshari naik says:

    Whether a tatkal w/l ticket holder can travel in a reserved coach in night?

  24. ricky says:

    thanks for valuable info ………. but due again we have to enter Verification Code at the bottom of the page that will be time consuming and the steps you have a software called roboform can do the same work in just 1 click ………….. but again thanks for sharing info

  25. pravin says:

    thanks dude

  26. UMANG says:


  27. Ashu says:

    I have found it extremely useful before
    but as now the capctha is introduced it is time comsuming
    I hope you will update something to overcome this i found many scripts but of no use
    Looking forward for further updates ……


  28. Sajith says:

    Hi Folks….

    Quick Book option has been disabled between 8 am to 9 am… :(

  29. Rajat says:

    Hi friends,

    Its realy sad to say that we are left with no options to pay 350 extra bugs to the dalals for getting tatkal tickets.

    I think IRCTC stoped quick book facility in peak hours to favor these dalals.

  30. Sriram says:

    Now, this won’t work. IRCTC freeze the time of quick book between 8 – 9

  31. DEEPAK says:


    ALL OF U





  32. Deepak says:

    Hi Rohit

    Quick Book is not allowed during 8AM to 9AM from now.
    And the solution recommended by you works on Quick Book.

    Do you have any other solution for us.


  33. Varunima says:

    I tried this….however, the quick book is not allowed between 8:00 amm to 9:00 a…basically government has taken all measures to stop online tatkal booking by common man..this is ridiculous….I tries for atleast 1 hr starting 7:30 am….the site worked absolutely fine till 7:50 am and post that it just showed server error….n by mere luck if u could said quick book not alowed….its just a waste of time!

  34. Omnitya says:

    Didn’t worked!!!
    Asking to auto fill each and every field(column) separately. Help.

  35. tapan says:

    few day’s latar ‘quick book’ option work at 8.00 a.m. but now ‘plan my travel” is only the way to book tatkal booking. kindly send me latest technique of booking tatkal from plan my travel.

    thank you

  36. ajay says:

    Dear All,
    You all are correct at your place. But what what is the need of shouting here,where no one can listen to you.
    Wake up,and bring out a solution for this.We can come forward and fight with the govt.
    Either govertment should stop tatkal facility all over india,or they should bring out some way to provide tatkal booking facility for all normal pubilcs or to some reputed agents.

    HElp me to get out of this issue,Come up with your thoughts and issues at
    cont- 8017878747

  37. Shasha says:

    Hi rohit,
    Actually past two days i m trying to to book tickets between 8-9 but not succeeded.
    I tried all the options like logging before 8 am,filling all the details but no way.I was unable to book tickets.What to do?Is there any software to do this?..Reply soon.

    • As of now, No Software or script is usable. Personally, I was able to book tickets two days in a row (Today and Yesterday) without any hack or something. You need patience, that’s all. And whenever you confront with SERVICE UNAVAILABLE or TIME OUT Just Refresh and Press RESEND on Dialog Box which saves re-login to IRCTC.

  38. Using the technology to the peak, well I have to give it a try!! But, unfortunately, I don’t have internet connection in my home in my hometown. I would probably try this after comming back to my work place in chennai.

  39. Amit says:

    Hi rohit,
    i have download firefox but unable to do the process as on right click option “Add complete form as profile” is not coming so tell me wht to do pls

  40. Rajesh Pillai says:

    Hi guys, there is no such software or script now available for IRCTC.
    Now you can only book tickets through manual process.

  41. Nitin Tandon says:

    Right , no s/w or script is availabe nao, even irctc is blocking the accounts in case a tatakla ricket is booked before 8:03 am , since according to their survey it takes 4.31 minutes to book a atakal ticket after loging in through ‘Plan My Travel’.
    So avoid using any such methods even if you get one as you will be traced down.
    The agent login has also been blocked from 8-9 am , the only problem with the site is that due to heavy number of hits at peak hour of 8:00 AM , customers cannot login. This problem will be resolved in September 2011 as they are upgrading the servers.

  42. hotpan says:

    Quick book won’t work from 8 am to 9 am

  43. Manzoor says:

    Hi Rohit,

    Which firefox version are you using?

  44. Anup says:

    Dear Rohit,

    From 21/11/2011 irctc changes all the previous procedure.
    Kindly update your tips.

  45. Amit Hukum says:

    Few Trains have an option to book ticket from the tatkal quota before it start just you have to go to the payment page and instead of doing Make payment click on Pay from Tatkal Quota.

    This is applicable on few trains and 2nd AC only

  46. ANUP says:


  47. D PAK says:

    Hi ,

    I have figured out a way to do this. but lemme try this weekend before i can confirm it works ;P


  48. manojkumar says:

    please help me to book ticket unable to understand

  49. Khris says:

    In recent govt has changed their procedure.. during tatkal we need to add identity compulsary. So it looks your method unable to do process.. and one more they also changed quick booking option. You can do it only after 10 AM not before that. So if you have tried with any other options with this new additions could be appreciated !!!


  50. vijay chauhan says:

    Please tell me the procedure or trick just to get captcha images faster, because it takes a lot of time to display the captcha please assist.

  51. uttam says:

    i suggest that for filling details one should use “ROBOFORM”. One must integrate this software to the browsers they will use during booking. It is very usefull during tatkal booking and can save time and speed up the process. the only thing you have 2 do is to prefill the details i.e; go to the irctc website during anytime and fill the forms stating name age berth preference quota and all that. ROBOFORM SOFTWARE WILL ASK TO SAVE THE DETAILS AND YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO SAVE THIS DETAILS UNDER ANY NAME.


  52. Which website I can use for get the conform tatkal E-ticket for this procedure.
    Thanking you

  53. dhananjay says:

    Pls tell me how to autofill captcha from irctc or remove it …

  54. Chetan says:

    nice tutorial let me try it now ;)

  55. Booking a tatkal ticket is playing a lottery.If you book it you won the jackpot.Irctc site is worst in handling too many users at a time.Forget about taktal booking even booking normal tickets take hell lot of time.

  56. AnD says:

    Hi Rohit,
    Can you please show who is commented on which date & time this will help us to see the latest comments.

    Thanks & Regards

  57. SUNIL says:

    HI rohit,
    Can you give information about any trick which works before 8 a.m.??? because tickets are available 120 days in advance, and I want to book Ticket from BSB to LTT on 10/6/2013 to15/06/2012. I cant book ticket because every train is full in within a minute at 8:01:00. Please Help!!!

  58. Uttar Kushwaha says:

    Hi Rohit,
    How the tatkal eticket look like. Can I see a copy of tatkal eticket?

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