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Android Keyboard Worth Paying For : Adaptxt Review

Keyboard to save Keystrokes. Something which can put quick message with little efforts. Trying my hands on Adaptxt Keyboard and sharing my review about it. Android users are privileged to change input methods and use keyboard interface of their choice which fueled innovation in text input field. Adaptxt is a result of the same.

[appbox googleplay com.kpt.adaptxt.beta ]

Interface: Each button has long press function so that you don’t have to change complete layout in order to add a punctuation or a smiley. This shows that developers have given a thought while designing the layout of keyboard providing easy access to most used symbols and punctuations.

AdapTXT Interface

Support for languages is more than I could imagine. Around 93 languages and 44 industry-specific dictionaries available.

By saying industry specific, I mean to say the words used in IT, Legal or say Basketball or Cricket. If you are the one coming under any specific group and discuss much over these topics, predictions will come handy and increase the typing speed.

AdapTXT Language and Dictionary

Easy copy-cut-paste functionality. No need to tap on words again and again to select for editing any post. Moving cursor while selecting characters is sometimes difficult especially on low end phones with bad touch response. Adatxt offers buttons to handle that for you.

Select and Copy-Paste Functionality

Keyboard customization: Though it has few themes based on festival, color and events but you can even customize each element yourself. This includes color, gradient, size of buttons and even Fonts.

AdapTXT Customizations

My Opinion: I consider myself pretty good at Virtual keyboards. Predictions on Adaptxt were pretty accurate and typing experience was fluid. Using Hinglish (which is Hindi + English) for most of the conversations and impressed with the suggestions provided by the keyboard. Language can be switched with just a swipe on spacebar which again saves keystrokes.

Only thing you will miss (if on Android 4.4 Kitkat) is emoji support.

Using Google keyboard till now which I considered to be fastest Android keyboard but industry keeps changing, innovations keep coming. Adaptxt deserves a free trial on your device for sure if you do not believe my words. Later on can be purchased for 0.99$ from Play store.

Free Alternative: Swiftkey has just announced that it will be completely free. Gives a close competition but with few shortcomings as compared to Adaptxt.


You are Over Confident that your Home PC Won’t get Hacked

Hacking Home PC

Imagine a complete stranger rifling through your purse, glove box, pockets and phone. You’re not comfortable with that, are you?

Nowadays, home PCs hold a myriad of personal files and information that most people wouldn’t be comfortable sharing. Search history, emails, instant messages, bank usernames and passwords, tax details and a host of other sensitive data can now be found on your home PC – and without adequate protection from cybercrime, this information could fall into the wrong hands.

Identity thieves and hackers target home computers because they know families often do not maintain adequate security protection on their PCs. This makes these family users easy, lucrative marks. Many hackers access your personal information in order to steal your money and your identity. Others might want to use your home computer as a shield to mask their identity as they steal from others.

But it won’t happen to me!

Identity theft is more common than you think – and the advent of the Internet has simplified the process for would-be thieves. It’s estimated that a quarter of all cases of identity theft originate on the Internet. More specifically, according to the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre, email and web pages dominate the fraud methodology, and the vast majority of victims actually have email contact with the perpetrator.

How can identity theft occur?

Anyone can fall victim to identity theft. Here’s how:

  • Accessing the Internet from an unsecured PC—Without a security layer between your computer and the Internet, you invite hackers to steal your identity, destroy your files, or use your PC to attack others
  • Obtaining potentially unwanted programs like spyware or adware on your PC—Malicious software programs may monitor your keystrokes, track your Internet logins, transmit your confidential information, or redirect your browser to fake web sites
  • Sending personal information over the Internet—Hackers can easily retrieve sensitive data that is sent over an unsecured Internet connection
  • Downloading files from friends and family or accepting unknown emails—You can obtain a virus, worm, or Trojan simply by accepting files from your friends, family, or others
  • Not recognizing phishing scams or spam— Ever received a dodgy looking email claiming you’ve won big? All you have to do is send over your bank account details… Phishing scams use fraudulent emails and web sites to lure unsuspecting users into revealing private account or login information.
  • Leaving your wireless network unsecured—Since your wireless network’s radio waves travel through walls, a hacker with a simple antenna could attack you from miles away to steal your information or to launch attacks from your PC

How you can fight identity theft

Common sense dictates some very obvious measures to protect yourself, your family and your computer. Make sure to set up parental controls to keep the kids from accidentally clicking on untrusted ads and websites. This includes not downloading files or clicking on hyperlinks sent by strangers, avoid storing financial information on your computer and using a secure browser.

Over-sharing on social media has desensitised our notion of online privacy, and it can be very easy to fall into complacency when sharing your personal information online. There are a number of ways that hackers can compromise your home PC and access information, most of which can be avoided with adequate security protection and a little online vigilance.

How do you keep your Home PC protected from Hackers?

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