How to Brand Tweets with Company Website Name URL with own Twitter App

Tweeting from your own Twitter client or branding your tweets make your tweets stand out of crowd in timeline. So, alongwith Standard scheduler, Tweriod adds an option to tweet via your own company name. Here is how you can do that

Benefits of Branding Tweets

  1. Your Company or Blog’s name appears on every tweet so more exposure!
  2. Along with name, it has backlink to website.
  3. Instead of publicizing another client, market your own website.
  4. What more! If you doesn’t fit in above, just use it to show off your freinds.

Register application with Twitter

  1. Sign in and Go to Twitter Application page
  2. Fill up the form as shown of course changing the name and URL of your company / website.
    Brand Tweets with Website Name
  3. When Registration is completed, click on View your App.
  4. Here you will find all settings including API Key and Consumer secret Key
    Brand Tweets with Website Name

Associating Application with Tweriod

  1. Open New Browser Tab > Login to Tweriod Scheduler and go to My Account.
  2. Add New Application
  3. Fill up the information by copying from previous tab.
    Brand Tweets with Website Name
  4. Go back to My Account and below Account associated click on Add. This is required for Application access.

Tweeting from your Application

  1. Go to Dashboard and you will notice application is added.
    Brand Tweets with Website Name
  2. You may schedule or Tweet it right then.
    Brand Tweets with Website Name

I think I have mentioned everything clearly and hope you too are able to configure it successfully. If still, you face some problem, feel free to contact me.

This service is from the developers of Tweriod with which you can know the best time to tweet and that is also integrated with scheduler.

Note: Tweriod Scheduler is still in private beta. They are planning to roll out the public beta version next week as per sources. Till then, you can request private beta access here.


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  1. Usman says:

    Thanks for sharing how tweets can be branded

  2. Alexis says:


    Love the article

    Can we manage to use this with others aplication

    Which aplication will work with this

    Please help us here,

    Best regards

    Thanks in advance

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