How to bypass Windows Login and Automatically Login to Account

For people who use their computer alone password is not a big issue and some even want to do away with it. Well it is possible but user has to go through tedious system setting configurations. If someone wants to avoid these time consuming stuff all he has to do is install Autologon For Windows.

Autologon is extremely easy to use with a single working interface. All the user has to do is launch this program and enter the user account data and select the enable or disable button. And the next thing will be that you don’t have to bother about entering the user details or even password.

What this software does is takes the data then encrypts it and saves it in the windows registry if the logon feature is enabled. Hence windows bypasses the logon screen and automatically logs on to the selected user. Autologon helps the windows to fill the user name and domain automatically.

It also has the option to change these details if required. If at anytime the user feels like undoing this facility he can do that by entering the data of his account and selecting the disable button on the interface. If you want to disable it only for a session then it can be done by pressing and holding the shift key.

If you don’t want some app to do this, then follow steps here to auto login Windows.


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  1. Why to go all this trouble of downloading.. installing and configuring if the password is of no use. Just disable the password and make you account default.
    Also enabling the program at prior to windows startup will delay the log-on

  2. stephen says:

    this is the best of all times.

  3. Zaheen says:

    Thanks for sharing this information…………………
    autologon is a useful app

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