How to change Facebook Themes

Like Orkut Themes or MySpace Layouts, Facebook doesn’t have any option natively to change colors or Themes of Facebook. So, to make your Facebook Profile stylish one, change the appearance of Facebook with Stylish add-on. It will be really interesting to redesign Facebook or apply themes.

Stylish Addon

Stylish Add-on allows you change the appearance by applying Facebook Themes. Basically, the styles for Facebook is changed by applying User Scripts from

  1. Install Sylish Addon
  2. Login to Facebook
  3. Go to Facebook Themes Gallery
  4. Click on “Install with Stylish” Button
  5. Your Facebook is successfully changed.

facebook stylish themes

Not just Facebook, many other sites like Orkut, Youtube, etc can be changed with this addon.

Naevis Facebook Layout

Another method is using Naevis Facebook Layout which changes appearance for Internet explorer. It is a small program but not so impressive results, it just changes background images and nothing else.

facebook stylish themes


Appgraffiti is another useful add-on to change your Facebook Theme. It provides lots of customized and themed Facebook backgrounds. To use this service, you have to first visit their website and select a theme of your choice at first instance.

Installation procedure will follow up after that. So its better to close all your work before trying to install these addons. Once you have installed the add-on, just visit your Facebook profile.

Additionally you can also see Appgraffiti sidebar on right side of Facebook page. You can use this sidebar to directly change or remove the applied layout.To get rid of custom themes just uninstall the add-on and restart your browser.



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  1. abhi says:

    New for me. I will try for my account.

  2. Suhasini says:

    Hey this is really cool, we have tried some other tool and that leaves few ads on the page, I am sure it will not do the same.

  3. Nice theme but I liked the earlier version of Facebook UI. At last the UI appears same to all. So its just a decoration.

  4. Stacy says:

    Very cool! I actually use PageRage to add layouts to my Facebook profile. I’ve been using it for about a year and no complaints! You should check it out – see if its worth adding to you the list!

  5. erwin says:

    can anyone see my new themes on facebook?

  6. Zeer says:

    I am very interesting about facebook themes.

    Good article and thank you very much

  7. Selvaprabhu says:

    wow its superb man. hats off for u, but this theme is visible in my browser only, can i have a global solution

  8. XDarkPhoenixX says:

    Yea this is good, looks awesome (certain themes), works well. BUT!! it only works for me. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT JUST ME SEEING IT. Whats the point of a theme if im the only one who sees it. I look at my profile page using a diff computer logged in as my gf and its plain old normal. This is just an add-on that changes facebook for the user and only when using firefox. Its nothing permanent or useful, purely for personal preference/aesthetics.

    …… sorry for the flame but I wasted time with this. I was looking for something permanent so that other users who visit my page can see something personalized. This was a waste of my time, this site should mention this earlier so other people looking for what I want dont waste their time.

    • caldwevi says:

      I agree 100%. It’s no good, if others can’t see it. Can anybody help us with what we are looking to do. Where are all of the smart Geeks??

  9. digital says:

    great buddy…………thanks

  10. This is cool, thanks for the share. I hope facebook makes it possible to edit your profile without installing any software soon.

  11. I want more facebook themes and hope them more beatiful?Thanks for your share?

  12. lhey says:

    hey.. thanks for this. it really works and yeah , i love my new facebook theme. <3

  13. felicia says:’s working…cool

  14. vipul says:

    sir how to apply this theme in our facebook user

  15. prashan says:

    disgustiNg!!!!wats d use of this,… if jusT i caN view this new theMe……. The fuNction of profile was better in Hi5(decoration by ownself+other can view it)!!!!!!!so try to make such fUnction in facebook as well….

  16. Gossips Talk says:

    This information is really a good information. well i want to link my blog on facebook which is not done my blog url is


  17. Please message me with some pointers about how you made your blog look this good , I would be appreciative.

  18. sujal says:

    wow its superb man. hats off for u, but this theme is visible in my browser only, can i have a global solution

  19. Thanks Lot for Your Post. Nice Codes for Your Facebook Profile

  20. majid says:

    how can i install exactly that blue theme for my facebook page? i like that theme very much but i cand find it on Facebook Themes Gallery.

  21. majid says:

    i downloaded this software but i cant instal it.

    please help

  22. This software doesn’t work that good…. just tried it

  23. abhishek says:

    how to get back the default facebook theme?

  24. shivam tyagi says:

    i wanna change my facebook theme now

  25. Kitty says:

    AppGraffiti Layouts are my favourite. Its my choice No.1 😀

  26. cruz says:

    I csnnot change after installing stylisprofile of face book and selecting the theam….. how to go… help.

  27. VINIT says:


  28. Syed irfan says:

    Tnx… It’s working really cool……

  29. Majd Nasra says:


  30. Nana says:

    How to uninstall addon ??
    Reply please ~

  31. kilotone says:

    i search a cool style and skin

  32. hedje says:

    ik like the themes i see them too its great but my facebook friends dont see any change how can this be?

  33. reddy prasad says:

    i want new theames for my profie

  34. Pietro says:

    I found a site researching qeu has a selection of themes to customize the skin of Facebook with this same plugin, stylish.
    Here’s just a page with the list of topics for Facebook:

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