Change Windows Aero Color Automatically according to Wallpaper Colors

Earlier we wrote about Aero Tuner, a small application that allows you to customize windows aero settings according to your taste. You can predefine aero color and transparency to match a fixed wallpaper to make things appear smooth.

But if you are always changing wallpapers then changing aero color manually every time is bit laborious task. AeroWallpaperChanger is a small application changer to automate this task.

AeroWallpaperChanger is a windows freeware application to match windows 7 aero color to the currently applied wallpaper. This application provides two functions, it can change wallpapers automatically from selected wallpapers. Using this is easy like any other wallpaper changer.

Apart from rotating wallpapers a feature which is already included in present versions of windows, it can be used to change aero color. This can be done through settings and checking on change aero color.

Upon installation it resides in the system tray and can be accessed by double clicking on it. You can also right click on the application icon in system tray to directly perform tasks like manually changing to next desktop wallpaper.

Features of AeroWallpaperChanger:

  • Change wallpaper on timer
  • Change wallpaper on application’s start
  • Change wallpaper by global hotkey which is user defined
  • Autostart after users logon
  • Disable slideshow when on battery

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  1. Zaheen says:

    Sound good……………… color which change with wallpaper
    Aero is coooooooooooooooool
    I really like it

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