How to Connect LG Mobiles to PC Internet via GPRS

Connecting some LG Mobile phones to Internet using computer via GPRS is real pain but it’s no more because you have step by step simple tutorial to accomplish it.

LG Mobiles provides best value for money when compare with Nokia Mobiles. The reason is simple, LG facilitate us by providing same (or even more) functionality with much lower cost than what Nokia does. But when we talk regarding GPRS internet connectivity, LG is inferior! As LG PC suit come with very few LG mobiles , User always have problem to connect to PC or Laptops for GPRS internet connection and the problem is worst in case of lower price LG mobiles.

Problem of such LG users will end here after reading this post. Here, I am giving you a tutorial for connecting LG C2500 (most popular) mobile to internet. Also, LG G1800 , C2600, 1100, C2200, C3300, C3320, C3100, C1400 and many other mobiles can be connected in same fashion.

Step I:

First of all You must have modem driver of your mobile phone. Download usb2ser_2k modem file now (2kb). This file will support all LG ‘C’ series mobiles plus all common LG cells . As I said earlier I am considering LG C2500 as an example but remember any LG phone can be connected in this fashion. More, You can get Modem drivers of any LG mobile phones from nearest LG service centre. If you don’t have that file go and bring it now.

Save your LG C2500 modem driver file to any FOLDER of your PC say D:\LG C500 DRIVER
Plug your data cable to PC , your mobile screen will show COM PORT and MASS STORAGE option, Select com port from there. Now, You will see New Hardware found Wizard as follow,

Found New hardware wizard

Step II :

After clicking on Next button in Found New Hardware Wizard, your PC will demand path for modem driver software. Browse appropriate location folder where you stored that usb2ser_2k.inf file.

Connecting LG C2500 mobile to internet

Connect LG Mobile to Internet

Step III :

Your PC will start installing modem to windows directory. Please be patient here this process may take 6-8 minutes. Wait until it gets complete. This will complete your modem driver installation.

LG Modem Drivers Detection

Step IV:

For creating new modem Click on start -> Go to Control Panel-> Go to Phone and Modem. New user will see country code no. Choose right country and phone no.
Indian people should choose 91. Note: This step is just formality. As shown in fig click on ADD. Don’t get confused by VTA Telecom USB modem its my modem for BSNL Internet.
Add Modem

Step V:

Select on Don’t detect my modem and just proceed for next step.

LG Modem Hardware detection

Step VI:

From Standard Modem Types go for Standard 33600 bps modem and Click on next.

Install LG Modem

Step VII:

Now your PC will ask for Com port to select. If you are unaware of your Com Port where you Plugged Data Cable just select all port otherwise particular port could have been chosen.

Selecting LG Modem Ports

Step VIII :

List for all Modem ports will be displayed on screen that no of Ports varied from PC to PC. Now the Modem which don’t have ‘#’ included in name is your Original Modem.
Click on properties of that Modem.

LG Modem Properties

Step IX:

This is Most important and Final step of this tutorial. 90 % people do make the mistake here.
Click on ‘advance’ bar at top of properties. You will see an empty box of initialization commands here you have to put initialization command of your Internet Service Provider. If you don’t know it contact your customer care.

LG Modem Initialization Code

LG Modem Initialization Code

Airtel user can put following commands


Press OK . Finally, You have to create Dial up Internet connection which I had explained in my earlier post.


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  1. sudhanshu kumar says:

    i am using lg kg195 and i unable to connect my mobile to pc . plz send me some tips and software for connecting my mobile to pc.

  2. dritesh says:

    i conect my c2600 to my pc win 98 and i m also use mass storage by instaling driver and i m also install mtk gprs usb modem automaticaly by installing its driver which i download from lg site and also enter extra comand in advaned tab but i cant use gprs in pc still.but i can use in c2600 on pc i get veryfy username and paasword and then disconeted plese help me.thanx

    • Nitin Sapkal says:

      HI Dritesh sad to hear that you are unable to use GPRS via PC. I can surely solve your Problem. Please tell me have you followed all the steps mentioned above if yes then specify where you have prob?

      If you havent downloaded the driver please open it from here and save it as usb2ser_2k.inf from your browser and follow all the steps once again Do reply I am waiting for it.

      • shahid says:

        Sir I have lg kg 195 i want to use internet in pc via my lg kg195 plz send setting or pc suit in this account plz…

  3. hitesh says:

    i use lg gb175 mobile i cant link it to pc for internet use can any 1 help me

  4. rakesh says:

    i have installed my kg195 usb driver but not as a modem but as a port. so how to get it a modem.

  5. rakesh says:

    i have posted
    comment before.i am using win 7
    . please reply as soon as possible
    how to get
    my phone as a modem since it can be seen in port drivers not as a modem..

  6. Aby Philip says:

    i have lg Kg195. i have modem driver and pc suit.but i cannt connect to internet.i am using windows 7 os.

  7. Lloyd says:

    Thanks alot… it helped me alot…its so informative

  8. Shravan says:

    hi guys.., how can i download usb2ser_2k.inf…? wen i select it, it shows some kind of printed matters,,… Please help me in this….

  9. ronak says:

    i cant get dialup connection

  10. sabu.s says:

    i am using lg kg195 and i unable to connect my mobile to pc . plz send me some tips and software for connecting my mobile to pc

  11. mc says:

    I have windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit machine… I am unable to install the driver on it.
    I also tried on Win XP SP3 on VMWare. The driver got installed but no communication.


  12. mc says:

    I guess this driver also does not work with Win XP SP 3!!!! Can anyone confirm?


  13. loke says:

    hey how do i use my pc internet on my lg kp500 mobile???

  14. ARPIT says:

    i am using km335 handset , how to connect gprs on pc

    • avnish says:

      hi arpit

      to use internet on pc via km335 gprs. so follow these steps.
      1-copy phone suite in your pc and instal MTK usb driver .
      2-connect your mobile with pc via data cable.
      3-right click on ‘my computer’ and choose ‘manage’ than ‘device manager’ than ‘ports(COM & LPT)’ THAN ‘USB MODEM DRIVER(COM3)’ DOUBLE CLICK ON IT THAN CHOOSE ‘PORT SETTINGS’ TAB AND THAN CHOOSE “Advanced” button than choose ‘com port number’ “””COM1″””” click on OK than OK and close computer management windows.

      4-now open your phone suit and go setting options than choose create connection tab and ‘new/modify’ button than enter you gprs setting provided by operators. after your connection name, APN ,Number–aircel & docomo num is -*99***1# and bsnl num is *99***#, and idea num is *99#. than click “create” button.

      5- after create connection than go on “dial up ” tab there select your connection and clck on dial up

      6- if connect so show a connection in your pc notification area.

      7 than right click on internet explorer and choose connection tab. than go on settting .
      in setting select check box “automatically detect settings”. than click ok.

      8- than choose LAN setting button and there also select check box “automatically detect settings” than click ok.

      9- now you can use your internet.

      best of luck….


  15. ravi says:

    hi i am using lg kg195 , it works in windows XP but not on Windows7 , can any one help me. if any body have driver for windows 7 please send it to

  16. hi says:

    My friend has same problem with his lg 195 mobile.

    When we install the driver (.inf file ) that you mention it does not recognised.

    whats the problem ? can any one tell here.

  17. Asmita Thorat says:

    I had installed the lg pc suit drivers for connecting the internet but my mobile is not connected it has asking the 7322 drivers. what should i do?

  18. varun says:

    sir i has lg cookie plus (GS500v) . i m trying to connect mobile with my pc but not connected then how to establish connection……

  19. Balaji Sah says:

    I am using LG kc910 renoir. I have installed lg pc suite III. I service provider is BSNL. I have enabled GPRS and I could use it in my mobile. But I want to know how I can connect it with my PC and use INternet services in my PC. I will appreciate your suggestions and thanks. Pls

  20. manu says:

    how to conetct my lgct810 moblie to pc

  21. Nitesh says:

    I am using lg km335. I want to use internet on my pc through my cell phone. Could you please help me with that? I have lost my cd smewhere, could you plz send the software on my mail id.
    I shall be thankful to you.

  22. iragam reddy says:

    i have a 64 bit sim in my phone,and it is not supporting gprs so can u help me with some software which support the above

  23. thomas says:

    Hi, Im using idea gprs on my i want to connect gprs net on my PC.I have downloaded LG PC suit on my PC. Im Using LG Viwety.I want to know how to fill profile coloum.

  24. tumma says:

    Dear nitin,
    thank u for ur article.I have successfully connected to internet using my LG GB170 mobile following ur directions.

    I would like to share my experience with the enthusiasts.
    Mobile:LG GB170
    OS:Windows XP

    First install ur modem driver.It was MTK6225 for GB 170 model.You have to choose right OS for installation of driver.

    You can check whether the driver successfully installed or not by querying the modem.It can be done using Phone and modem Options in Control panel<Network and Internet connections<

    To test a modem

    Open Phone and Modem Options in Control Panel.
    On the Modems tab, click the modem you want to test.
    Click Properties, click Diagnostics, and then click Query Modem

    add the advanced initialization command given in this article

    for vodafone replace “ with “www”

    add a dialing number in ur connection.

    Dial ! successfully to login.

  25. Sourabh says:

    Hello, My name is Sourabh. I’m using LG Gx200. I installed the pc suite as well as the MTK driver. But i can’t connect to the internet. I tried several ways but none of them worked. And whenever i open the phone suite application i never see any of the data of my phone in it example- messages, contacts, etc. Please help.

  26. isarel says:

    i have lg ku580 mobile so how i connect to intranet as a modem?

  27. nitin says:

    please guide me to connect my LG P 500 mobile GPRS to my HP laptop

  28. krishnaraj says:

    i cant download th driver from your page, from where i cn download th driver that u mentioned in th first step

  29. ashutosh says:

    i have lg gx200 but i am not able to install its drivers on my windows7(64-bit).
    i downloaded the drivers from ls site but it was of no use…

  30. DEV RAJ says:

    Sir I have LG G190 i want to use internet in pc via my LG G190 plz send setting or pc suit in this account plz…

  31. Santul says:

    Sir, I am using LG T300 handset, how to connect GPRS on PC

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