Customize Start Menu & Taskbar Opacity and Transparency in Windows 7

If you love customizing windows and want to customize the transparency of start menu and taskbar in windows 7, then the only default option you get in windows is to adjust transparency of taskbar.

Well there are many freeware tweaks available today to perform this task without a hassle. Taskbar Transizer is one such handy tool that allows you to to perform this task with few moments of your mouse.

Taskbar Transizer is a freeware portable application to change transparency levels of start menu, task bar and start menu programs. using this application is easy as it provides only a single window interface to to work with.

Only thing that you have to do is adjust the transparency levels by sliding option. If you want this application to get launched at startup, you have to enable this option from configuration. This application works well with theĀ  start menu and taskbar but the start menu programs did not work.


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