Download all Images from any Website Page in Firefox

While browsing page on internet we come across situation where we need to download all the images present on the webpage.

Surely we can download each individual image by the right click context menu save image option but when it comes to many images this process may look tedious and consume our valuable time.

Now Firefox users can ease this process with the help of small add-on OutWit.

OutWit is a very small but at the same time very useful add-on for Firefox. Once you install the add-on it appears beside the address bar as a small button with a stylish ‘W’ written on it.

Using is also a piece of cake, open any webpage from where you want to download images and click the add-on button. A new window will appear which will grab all the images on the provided webpage link.

You can either download all the images at a single click or you can simply drag and drop images you like in the cache box provided.


There are advanced features available which allow you to select images in batch sorting according to file or image size thus filtering unwanted images. You can also perform Google search if you are not satisfied with the images on the screen.

The add-on is compatible with Firefox 3.5 – 4.0b7.

Download OutWit Images


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Ashish Mundhra from Siliguri (India) loves exploring the gamut of new developments in the technology field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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  1. Disk Cleaner says:

    This little took can be especially useful to developers and webmasters. I could use this when I want to make changes to all the pictures on one static page, like a price page for a product.

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