Download Little Paradise 3D Free Screensaver for Windows 7

Putting up a Screensavers is a good way to decorate your PC idle time. Specially if you apply a screensaver related to the things you like in real life.

Little Paradise 3D, as the name suggests is a 3D screensaver for Windows. To apply the screensaver all you have to do is download the package. Upon installation it will automatically open up the display properties where you can select and apply Little Paradise 3D.

Little Paradise 3D Video Preview

Little Paradise 3D is a beautiful screensaver featuring a small human inhabited island in between the sea. So the only things that you have there on the Island are plants and greenery. Hence we get a glance of untouched natural beauty.

There are no internal settings of the screensaver except the time delay options present within the windows screensaver settings. Just a quick tip. If you do not want to install any additional toolbar from the developer to your browser, uncheck the options present just below the download button before you start downloading the screensaver from the developer site.

Download Little Paradise 3D





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  1. Ajay says:

    I haven’t used a screensaver in several years. I’ve set my laptop to turn off the screen in 3-5 minutes to save power and battery.

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