Complete guide to fix bX error in Blogger

bx-error-bloggerIf you blog on Blogger then I am sure that you may be facing and annoyed by unavoidable famous bX code error on Blogger. This error can seem to be ridiculous when you are unable to continue editing your template but there are practical solutions to this bX error of Blogger.

These bX errors are caused not only when you are editing template but also when uploading picture, editing profile or choosing a wrong setting. Here are six possible solutions over this problem.

1. Change the browser. Simply, try the same thing from different browser (Opera recommended)

2. Delete all the widgets of your current template before uploading a new one (ofcourse, make a backup).

3. Delete Browser cookies and try again.

4. Remove widget codes manually of the template you are trying to install. For example : from <b:widget> to </b:widget>

5.  Just wait for sometime and try later.

6. Contact Blogger if it continues.


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  1. Will try them but usually you just gotta wait…Sigh..

  2. learnonly says:

    i am getting b-ril0g error somthing is seriosly wrong here our best people fixing it since last 2 to 3 months
    i have reported as u said
    anything else to help me further

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