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Blogger Template Designer creates personalized Blogspot Templates

Blogger has introduced another interesting feature called “Template Designer“. The main difference between WordPress and blogger is that blogger has limited features and wordpress has lots of great features like Plugin Installation, Permalink Structure etc. But now blogger is also moving toward advance Content Management System(CMS). Some days back blogger added another feature called “Add Pages” and now “Template Designer”. Continue reading

How to Remove images from Blogger Play

Blogger Play is a google service, where you can see all those images which are recently uploaded by bloggers to their blogs. You can see screen shot of all the images used by any blogger (Blogspot) in there blog. There is 10 to 15 second delay in next image loading time, you can capture the image and use in your blog, if the pictures is not copyrighted.
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3: How to Create Blog – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

I think many of you will choose as a platform and we will go further with it. So, we start from step 1- Go to which is obvious and click on Create Blog.  The next step is create a Google Account. As we saw in the previous post, Blogger is owned by Google. If you have an account at any of the services of this company (Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs, etc.), You already have a Google Account. If so, enter your credentials and move on.
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