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So far only known two major tools to create heat maps are: one is Crazyegg and the other ClickTale. But both no longer supports free accounts and need payments for membership. Here I present a free alternative which I think an excellent choice, is a free script to create these famous maps, something we can do without any restrictions is Click heat.

Click heat allows us to download for free a control panel that helps us manage and administer the various reports as well as view maps of heat generated by this fantastic tool absolutely free and does a great job no doubt. This is similar to the idea of knowing Which area of your blog appeals most?

Heatmaps are the graphical representation by which we can evaluate HOT regions on blog. Like the region which is most clicked, part of webpage which catches attention of reader at first visit. They can be used for proper placement of various components of a blog like Ads so that you make most out of it. Keep in mind that Keen study is required, these analysis are not done in a day.


Installation of ClickHeat is easy, In the control panel can display maps generated both by day as well as Browser, which is very interesting to analyze the different behavior of users based on the platform they use.

You can try the system from the demo that is installed on the official site, the input data are username / password: demo


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  1. Ben says:

    I have been using clicktale for a while now and have found no need to find another web analytics provider as they are the most comprehensive continually updating and improving their product. For example the heatmaps – they have just launched a new feature – eye movmement heatmaps. What did we do before web analytics?!

  2. firma ekle says:

    wauw this is amazing.. very usefull for web site owners

  3. this is supper system for web site owners.. so we can check which side is more worth.. this is good

  4. I never been try before to this system.. and know now..!! supperrr

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