Which area of your blog appeals most?

Feng-GUI is an application online somewhat curious since generates heat with a map of the most striking design of a blog or web, ie from a snapshot, you get those areas with a greater contrast of colors and So which are the most striking to your readers.

However, when I tried on webdale, I saw that my blog has sensitive areas or those areas which cathches the sight of a visitor. First impression is of my heade image then post-date and the feedicon on top-right corner.

This theory would have to be something to distinguish with the naked eye, but this tool can give us some surprises. A utility map for this heat, is whether the design is in accordance with the priorities that we set for each section of your blog, so that those of greatest importance are properly highlighted.

How it works?
You just have to open feng-gui webpage and provide the URL of blog or website; moreover you can also upload any image if you want as this method works on the snapshot of your page.

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