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If you have a Google Plus Social Network account, you may have noticed that the profile URL is quite long with numbers which makes it difficult to share and remember. Unlike Facebook Vanity URL, Google Plus haven’t yet introduced a feature to customize profile URL with nickname and still looks ugly –

Though not officially but a web service called gplus lets you customize Google Plus profile URL in short format. gplus follows a format like This looks somewhat official and makes sharing it with friends or adding in Bio easier.

To create Google Plus Profile URL, you need to know the profile ID which is a big number and can be obtained from current profile URL. Go to, enter nickname and profile ID and click on Add. That’s it.

This URL now redirects to your Google Plus profile directly. Remember, that gplus isn’t affiliated with Google and I believe that Google Plus will officially make this feature available to all of us. Till then, flaunt your URL 🙂


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  1. Sarvesh says:

    Your every post is damn useful….

  2. vicky says:

    hello Rohit. Again a nice share bro.
    But I don’t have google+ account. Can you send me an invitation @ this my email.

  3. Waqar says:

    i have seen 2 more website for short gplus url and i think those are also good sites.

  4. Great share buddy … Remembering G+ urls became easy with this

  5. Technist says:

    Google Gonna Delete Google + Private profiles from 31st July 2011

  6. Thanks for posting,very useful article.

  7. Waqar says:

    i have seen 2 more website for short gplus url and i think those are also good sites.

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