Google Voice Opens outside US | Call any Landline Mobile Phone from Gmail

Google Voice is a service which lets you call on Mobile Phones and Landline Numbers from Internet. It was available for US only since last year but now rolled out for all (outside the U.S. ) by offering calling in 38 new languages. No separate software to be downloaded but calling is possible right from Gmail Chat.

How to enable Google Voice in Gmail outside US

If you have installed Google Voice / Video Plugin on browser then you are likely to receive notification about addition of new feature when logged into Gmail.

For others, you need to install Voice and Video Plugin and restart browser after installation.

Google Voice Call Charges

Coming to Rates, its really cheap if you are using for calling outside your country. What I liked most is calling rates for US which is just 0.01 USD from anywhere in the world.

There are no connection levied by Google, you just pay for what you talk. Google Voice Rates page also compares the call charges with leading Internet Telephony service (which is a silent scream to Skype).

Credits can be added to your account but at the moment of writing this post, I am unable to add credits. The page still says, “Google Voice is not available in your country.” Maybe they haven’t updated this section yet.

Enable Google Voice in Google Apps

This isn’t only restricted to Gmail but If you’re a Google Apps user, your domain administrator must have Google Voice and Google Checkout enabled in the administrator control panel in order to be able to use this feature.

Last Word: From the point of View of India where more and more people have been migrating to US, UK, Canada and UAE countries, Google Voice will be a revolution. People will prefer using Google Voice because it’s cheap and you don’t have to signup for other service but its all in your Gmail.

And Dear Skype, you have a tough competition now 🙂


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  1. Rajat says:

    How did you register for this mate? I can’t see the Call Phone option on the gtalk and when I go to, it redirects to “this service is not available in your country”

    any idea? I have tried it using an American VPN connection, but that was for testing purposes only.

  2. Tarun says:

    Lets hope to see this service in India soon.

    Thanks Rohit!

    As usual you are very proactive in picking up the correct things.

    Thanks for the information and keep it up with the good work!

  3. mansoor says:

    is it possible through mobile browser.
    Nokia 5230 system browsef or opera mobile 10 for symbian???

  4. Gourav says:

    I too did not receive any notification, guess they are rolling it out in a phased manner, like everything else these days.

  5. Dheeraj Kumar Sahu says:

    Checked right now.. and it is not available in india. Hope will be available soon.

  6. Hi Rohit,
    I just checked this moments ago but its still not available. It says Calling In Gamil isnt available in your Current Location when i try to download the plugin form the link given. Later when I checked in Google site it says it isnt available in these countries Argentina
    North Korea
    Russian Federation
    Saudi Arabia
    South Korea
    United Arab Emirates
    Viet Nam

    So i guess there is alot of waiting time for us in India.

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