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Facebook App For Windows 8: How Will FB Look Metro Style?

Australian graphic designer, Fred Nerby has decided to create a conceptual design of Facebook Windows 8 App. A systematic and ultimate social network app focused on tablets with a style reminiscent to that present in the entire ecosystem of Microsoft Windows 8 (Metro). So, it would not surprising that a future application of Facebook for Windows 8 would be somewhat like this. Continue reading


PayPal Funds Transfer Within India Soon With Domestic Payment Approval

In spite of so many restrictions, PayPal remains a popular choice of online payments. Recent news says that PayPal has received an approval for Domestic Transfer in India. It means, customers in India will be able to use PayPal to make payment to a merchant based in India. In other words, an Indian would be able to transfer money to other Indian’s PayPal account or do PayPal to WebMoney transfers more easily. Continue reading

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