How to Hide Windows 7 Taskbar Partially and show just Start Orb

Almost all windows versions provide auto hide feature for their taskbar but it may not be convenient for many users as it also makes the start orb disappear. In windows 7 if you intend to hide only the taskbar region excluding the start orb then ShellWin is a good option to look upon.

ShellWin is a freeware, portable application that allows you to hide taskbar only. It is easy to use with a single interface. It provides two options hide and show that can be used to hide or show the taskbar respectively. Another useful option that it provides is a run dialog box, it can be used to launch programs and other windows features quickly.

Download ShellWin (121KB)


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  1. Well is there a real use hiding taskbars..Why would you have the need to do that?

  2. Zaheen says:

    Good app.
    Taskbar is not completely hidden??????????

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