Hide your location from websites while browsing on IE9

Websites you are browsing these days tend to keep a track of your physical location, in order to provide localised services and search results. This may prove to be helpful sometimes, but may compromise privacy.

Thus, a few users might be interested in disabling such tracking. The all new Internet Explorer 9 RC has a feature to prevent this tracking.

Open Internet Explorer 9 RC.

Click on Tools below the close icon or press Alt + X.

Choose Internet Options and go to the Privacy tab.

Mark the checkbox Never allow websites to request your physical location. Then click on Apply and OK.

Now you are all set. The websites cannot find out your physical location while you are using IE9 RC.

At the moment, final build of IE 9 is not available so, you may uninstall IE9 and revert back to stable IE8 version.


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