How To Add Comment Form Below Blogger Post

Few days back, I wrote about a new feature on blogger of comment form below every blogger post. Sounds great but it does not apply to every template automatically after changing settings. To make it work, you will need to make some changes in template code manually. The process is simple as follows :

    1. Enter Blogger in Draft (Not Normal blogger).
    2. Go to “Settings” tab and then to the “Comments”.
    3. There you will find a new section “location of the feedback form” with options:


    1. Save the settings and go to the tab “Design” and then to the “Edit HTML” checking Expand HTML.

  1. Now look for the following code :
  2. And replace it with :
  3. Save the changes and you are done!

Note: The variation in the design of the groups can cause to some small differences the process, if you have some problem with this method, you can consult the explanations done in Blogger Buster.


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  1. Luke Zet says:

    Nice and useful post for people who use Fortunately I use wordpress. It’ll really boost the comments. 😉

  2. Pavan Kumar says:

    Let every blogger blogger apply this… makes my work easy for commenting….

  3. Rohit says:

    @ Luke Zet and Pavn Kumar

    Google is making Blogger – really a good platform for bloggers.
    Many new features coming in.
    Now, star rating feature has also been started.

    Soon, all blogspot will be embedded with these features making commenting easy.

  4. Radu says:

    Working well, thank you for your advice!

  5. Improvement on Blogger is too slow compare to WordPress community because it totally relies on Blogger development team. Anyway, Blogger/Blogspot did five improvements lately. I wanna see more features.

  6. jyxpearl says:

    nice blogger,it is very useful for me , thank you

  7. Prateek says:

    Pls Help Me
    My Blog Is

    But I Am Unable To Add The Comment Form
    I Have Uploaded My Blog’s Template Here

    Pls Tell Me How To Add The Comment Form I Mean Everytime I Add It It Hides After The Page Is Fully Loaded And After That When i Click on Post A Comment This(#comment-footer) Comes After Every Page Address

    Pls Help Me

  8. Rohit says:

    I have commented on your first post. Check all profiles, everything is fine.
    I was unable to see the comment since it needs to be moderated by you.

    If you are still facing problem, refer the bloggerbuster link given at the end of my post.

    Keep visiting.

  9. akoo says:

    Thanks man! It’s so easy, now i can have “comment form” on every post i do..thanks a lot.

  10. These are not surprising my anymore, but thanks..

  11. dede says:

    i cann’t to use to my blog
    help me please


  12. deksuarta says:

    can you help me
    a cann’t done this in my blog
    because any problem in
    you can send message to


  13. Rohit says:

    @ deksuarta,
    Aren’t you getting the steps? or you followed them correctly and still facing problem.

    Please be specific, In which step you are facing difficulty?

  14. marina says:

    hello there… seems that this not work from my blog. step 1-6 all done correctly, but once i save its appera error :
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Attribute name “if” associated with an element type “b:” must be followed by the ‘ = ‘ character.

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

    my blog: –> pls have a look, it doesnt have comment form yet.

  15. I will copy this article, it may useful for others too. In blogspot sometime have designed as yours but sometimes other template don’t.

  16. Philis says:

    Thanks for all you do in helping me fulfill my dreams.,

  17. trouchaburoft says:

    Thanks the author!

  18. johnny says:

    e1CUMU Thanks for good post

  19. phenteeSoge says:

    Interesting and educational, but would participate in something more on this topic?

  20. Marina says:

    buenas, no soy muy experimentada en el tema y me estoy volviendo loca para poner al final de la plantilla un recuadro de comentario (como el que usan ustedes) con el mail obligatorio, logre un formulario de consulta, pero no queda publicado lo que escriben los visitantes.
    Si alguien me puede ayudar me va a hacer un gran favor!!!
    PD: uso blogger

  21. Interesting and educational, but would participate in something more on this topic?

  22. DymncecyTex says:

    Was ist das?

  23. ADI says:


    Por favor, corrige el siguiente error y envía la plantilla de nuevo.
    No se ha podido analizar su plantilla, porque no está bien formada. Asegúrese de que todos los elementos XML se han cerrado correctamente.
    Mensaje de error de XML: Attribute name “si” associated with an element type “b:” must be followed by the ‘ = ‘ character.


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  25. Freenna says:

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  26. edy says:

    saya adalah baru didalam blogger, setiap kali saya mengajukan adsense kepada google selalu ditolak. mohon petunjuk agar bisa diterima oleh google adsense. Mr. Rohit… bantuannya sangat saya harapkan.. saya membuat blogger karena ingin mencari uang tambahan buat biaya sekolah saya dan juga adik saya. terima kasih sebelumnya…

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  29. retnet says:

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  30. kissmo says:

    Good article.This will help me with my blog..

  31. Frankie John says:

    I try this so many times, but still can’t. Now, i’m getting fed up..

    Anyone can help me??

    Frankie John

  32. Agus SW says:

    a good article,thank’s

  33. sambs says:

    allright.. thanks for the tip …..

  34. BestZone says:

    Hi friend, i need to add a feedback form in my blog. pl tell me the steps. i m waiting for ur reply.

  35. julian says:

    nice, i implement this,
    thanks for the info

  36. Very nice guidelines.
    Thanks for giving your views.

  37. Custom says:

    The only issue with allowing massive comments is the time load on the pages.
    I have a comment section of 15 comments only per page in my blog.

    Thanks for the info.

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  39. aish says:

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  40. Yogesh says:

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  41. anupriya says:

    A great article , very informative and useful , i will try to follow this advice in my website …

  42. aditya says:

    i was unable to put comment poster in it. showing error in that please help me how to put comment poster in it

  43. gsalerts says:

    One of my buddies is always talking about your blog at work – finally came and checked it out today, nice work! I’m subscribing to your rss feed – keep on posting!

  44. Thanks for this useful tips! But I can not implant this on my blogger templete!!

  45. fiyatinisor says:

    it is useful, thanks.

  46. Toefl s?nav? says:

    showing error in that please help me how to put comment poster in it

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