How to Detect invisible user in Gmail and gtalk Chat

Even though you are not addicted chatter but you have to chat with your family, colleges,  friends and for professional reasons in case of bloggers . There are too many Chatting Messngers available around us including skype , Yahoo messenger, Rediff Bol, MSn messenger and Gmail-Gtalk. One can also use Mobile IM messenger .

All of you definitely have Gmail account and you might have used chat option that is available  not only in Gmail but also in Gtalk and Orkut. Here I will discuss about a Bug in gmail that will enable us to detect invisible user in chatting. Some times while chat we need to be invisible, may be because of lack of time to chat or you want to avoid some one! In the same manner the person with whom you are chatting may also avoid you. But after reading this post he/she will no longer try to do so.


Login to your gmail account either from or gtalk desktop software. You need to chat with that user for one time only (Its necessary) while chatting (in gmail/orkut) , one window will open as shown above. Click on “video&more” link at bottom of that window, You will see “Go off the record” at top just click on it. Now you are in off the record in google chatting as shown in above fig 3.Do not  go for cancel as it will reset the option again. You can chat with him normally now but don’t tell him about your plan!

After the chat is finished (your friend is log off) may be on next occasion say after 1 hour , 1 day, 2 day or at any instance you can check whether your friend is really off-line or he is on-line but Invisible.


Type any message and press enter if the user is on line you will not get any message in return of those messages that simply means he is invisible to you but he is definitely on line. In other case if he is Off line you will get ” user  did not receive your chat”.



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Nitin Sapkal is tech enthusiastic Blogger from Nagpur. Being an ETC Engineer he covers the News related to Telecom field along with gadgets reviews and general tricks & hacks.

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  1. Just tried it and It works. Cool Finding

  2. Ching Ya says:

    Another living proof that we can’t totally invisible online. However, this could work well if someone is constantly on offline mode and forgetting to put it back on; otherwise we may need to respect those who intended to be ‘not disturb’. =) I’ll still go for email so the receiver will have time and preparation to respond according to his/her likings. Still, I applaud this good tip, thanks for sharing. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. Vic says:

    Thanks for the list of site. These site works sometimes. I usually just go to cuz it works all the time. enjoy!

    • Widget 87 says:


      I tried your link above, but when I typed in the yahoo user name it didn’t go anywhere. It was static. Did I do something wrong? Do you have a link like that for gmail too?

    • Nitin Sapkal says:

      @Vic, Where did I provide the links of site??? Its a self explanatory Trick which works 100% and there is no question of “These site works sometimes” . If you are talking about Yahoo thats different and I will shortly post that trick too!

      • Vic says:

        @Widget 87, it’s been working for me for awhile. Not sure why it don’t work for you, maybe try a different Username to see if it works at all for you.

        @Nitin Sapkal, I got a list from some blog site via the link on this article..ahh crap probably from text ad link (i hate ads link thats integrated into the articles). I haven’t tried the gmail invisible but thanks so much for the trick, nice to know these tricks.

        • Nitin Sapkal says:

          @Vic, To be honest you comment here without reading this post. Have I pretend for any link in this post? . Hey read the complete post first I haven’t mentioned about any other sites for a single time! Then how can you get confused among text link add.

          I also found you often comment on all similar topic sites check (In same language word to word, comma to comma) the proof : (Still I approved your comment)

          For a webpreneur Ads are just like “GOD” irrespective of their format! If you dont respect them then its really a SHAME !!!!!!!!

  4. Widget 87 says:

    This seems like it would work – I tried it between my 2 computers and gmail accounts. But the only problem I see is that in the middle of the chat with the person, when you click on chat off the record, a message appears in their chat window that tells them what you just did. Is there a way to prevent that?

    • Nitin Sapkal says:

      @Widget 87, You are right both persons will get chat off the record message, But as I said earlier this trick is working only because there is BUG in gmail. and that bug is “chat off the record” but still I will work on your suggestion.

  5. jai says:

    this off the record- think iss okkkk- but cant there be another way ehere we cant disturb the next user nd- can- detect that he or she iss taking to some one else- being invisible- in gtak-i m concerned abut gtak–can any one- solve my -problem out here- thanks in advance-

  6. Hi, there should be a invisible detector for skype also, because most of the persons are staying @ offline mode, which is creating problem, one more thing this is safe for ourselves also because we too would be in offline mode… ha ha haaaa…

  7. Tech Addict says:

    im sorry if someone has already asked this question.. but i would like to know.. can u “go off record” from ur blackberry? and also would u see that the chat is off record if the other person chose to do so??

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Here we have covered to find invisible user via Gmail chat. It may be possible on Blackberry if it shows “off the record” option otherwise not. Then you will need to have such an app which supports going off the record.

  8. Srijith says:

    Here is a perl script to find invisible users in gmail. It checks for all users in your contacts. You dont need to send any offlines in this method.

  9. andrr says:

    Hei there is an alternative right here
    Detect invisible users with

  10. Tom says:

    And for yahoo messenger you can detect invisible users with . Is the only who work good.

  11. biswajit says:

    thanks for valuabel comment

  12. bboy says:

    With Yahoo, you can use to check invisible, it’s fast, correctly and exactly. Perfect. Try it.

  13. SHABU says:


  14. varcush says:

    new website its working now

  15. vyompv says:


    I have made a small java program which can find invisible users/buddies in gmail and users/buddy who has blocked you in gmail easily.
    Please visit the site to get the software. A recent update version gives all the combined solution.
    Please visit this link ; visit the latest update mentioned in the site to get eh blocking users too.

  16. uvais says:

    superb one but i want to know is it possible to make silent visit in any profile (which not show in recent visitor in orkut)
    i am asking this b’cus my cousin who is Soft. enge. and he claim that he make silent visit in any orkut profile and he proved me many times 🙁

  17. praveen says:

    This is 100% working method… but this is years old! I don’t know why google is still not fixing this bug.

    or they have this bug in purpose? 😀

  18. hussey says:

    thanks.. you provided good info..


  19. Anil says:

    Its useful trick… nice one

  20. Mina says:

    Hi there,

    This is cool, but the problem is that, your friend should be online that you could go off the record, and then later in future you can use this feature for checking if he/she is visible or not.
    it is not possible to go off the record when your friend is invisible or offline.
    Do you know any other way? i really like to record my chat.


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