Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Key- 1 Year, 365 Days License

kaspersky 2012 internet security key

Kaspersky is my favorite Internet Security Suite and I believe most of you found it reliable. Impressive thing about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is that it’s lightweight which is enough to impress power users, and easy enough for set-and-forget types to use as well.

What may be a better news than knowing that you can grab Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Key, 1 Year 365 Days License Subscription worth 59.95$ per PC completely free. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 provides everything that you need to stay safe and secure whether you work, bank, shop or play online. The KIS 2012 version is robust, faster and provides maximum security to your computer against even the unknown and new threats. Follow the steps to get KIS 2012 Activation key:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Key

  1. Go to Promo Page and login. If you don’t have account, use Facebook to signup.
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 CBE
    a. Check the box and press the button as shown

    You may have now received an email containing the activation key written in bold red text.
  2. Download and Install Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – kis12.0.0.374en.exe as per shown in screenshots below.
    a. Check on “Change Installation Settings”KIS 2012 installation custom settingb. Proceed Installation by pressing Next Button at a stage, uncheck “Protect the Installation Process” and proceed.

    KIS 2012 activation key protection

  3. After One Round of Progress bar completion then click “Cancel” button in middle of installation and confirmation window will pop-up. Leave it as it is without pressing anything.KIS 2012 serial key installed
  4. Download cbi.dll and paste it in C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2012(You will need Administrator Privileges to carry out this operation.KIS 2012 cbi DLL
  5. Press No on in the installation Window to resume installation and let it complete.
  6. Enter the Activation Key received in email to activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.kaspersky internet security 2012 activation-keyThough it says 91 days but you have to repeat same procedure (just step 1) every 3 months to continue for 1 year period.

    kaspersky internet security free activation-key

Make sure you bookmark this page to return back after 3 months in case you forget the procedure to renew License validity.


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  1. IVAN says:

    Nope- it is not going to work. Yes- it is possible to switch from Chinese in English, but after that is says: The program needs to be reinstalled. The updates are locked. It gives a license error…
    In other words- it is impossible to switch in English and to have a working program for 365 days. I am really sorry about this…

  2. aleksandar says:

    Tnx for the free KIS 2011 .
    But i have a problem whenever i change the skinswitchdisable from 1 to 0 KIS don’t want to update and it says reinstall

  3. chunnukli says:

    not working for me…

  4. i like your post. but, do you have solution for this,..
    not working for me,..

  5. Deebyendu says:

    Not working for me too!!!!!!………plz rohit bro. do something….

  6. dbully09 says:

    conversion from chinese to eng not possible… any othr way????

  7. Mehul says:

    yup it works but i have problem to change it into english cant change binary 1 to 0 please help

  8. hgmin says:

    hi Guys,
    To switch chinese to English, you con do as following:
    – Disable Self-defence (As show above)
    – Go to the folder named “loc” in the “skin” folder in the KIS 2011 that you have installed on your computer, change the name of “en” folder to “cn”, and “cn” to “en”.
    – Restart your computer and, your KIS 2010 and see the great result you have done.
    I have used this method with other languages, it also worked well.

  9. very thank’s hgmin..
    i hope it’s working for me,..

    • vedika says:

      Dear Mam

      Is it still working for you

      please inform,I am getting MAD with this unknown language


      Thanking You


  10. vedika says:

    Dear Rohith
    tried several times but i could not save file. I t is saying that “the source file can not be read.pl.contact developer.
    Tell me some way to save it.


  11. impossible to change chinese language into english,..
    so, do you have solution …?
    please help me,..

    Thank’s Rohit i very like your blog,..

  12. Truong Loan says:


  13. Sashank says:

    @hgmin : Awesome idea !! .. worked well for me !!…

  14. David says:

    Thanks share, its good with me, my computer not virus del all my database.

  15. It really worked for me. Thanks for this

  16. Anurag says:

    not working for me too..it says “The program needs to be reinstalled”..It gives a license error…
    may b its bcoz i did have kis2011 installed earlier activated with fake key,which it caught it after some time and then i uninstalled it using kaspersky remover.

  17. harsha says:

    It worked for me but update tab has benn disabled any solution???

  18. Is this better than Avast? I used Kaspersky before but it did not do good enough for me.

  19. vedika says:

    Dear Rohith
    Problem is not with laptop. It is the bowser.I used FF,Epic,unable to save installer filesaying unknown not readable.Now I used IE,successfull in installing.

    Know the question how to disable self defense of kaspersky it is in chinies.

    Please show me how to do it,to change to EN and it already scaning how to stop and change
    the above parameters.

    Sorry asking for a very long question.

    Any how THANK YOU


  20. nandakumar says:


  21. Durgesh Sharma says:

    Hi Rohit ji,

    i recently subscribed to your blog… admired many of yr posts… i jumped with joy after reading this particular post… followed all the mentioned steps religiously but i ended up with the same result as many others have mentioned above… i am disappointed… i think there is a serious catch in changing language to English and at the same time retaining the license key…

    i got all the more disappointed to learn that you have not provided any solution for these problems of your followers particularly those who responded…this only supports the notion that this is nothing but a bogus post for those who don’t know Chinese..

    I request you avoid publish such deceiving posts… i understand gentleman like u never resort to unfair ways to gain cheap publicity …

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Hi Durgesh,
      I have KIS 2011 English License version running on my System. Tried it on VM and for an instance it worked so, I posted the same screenshot. After a day or so I noticed, few of readers are facing problems. So, the post is now updated with new trick to change Interface language. You may proceed to try and let us know about the results.

      • Durgesh Sharma says:

        Thank u very much Dear.. for yr reply and the amended and updated post.. this time it is working absolutely hassle-free… Thanks a lot to Yushaa ji also for this essential add-on which will help others also..

  22. yushaa says:

    1 – Open the Program, it is in chinese. Now Disable Self Defense

    2 – Go to Registry Editor. [ Start > Run > regedit.exe ] and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP11\environment
    then chang ( Localization ) value to ( en)

    3 – don’t don’t don’t Restart the Computer

    4 – Open the Program and Press [ Shift + F12 ] or [ Shift + F5 ] to switch English Language interface

    5 – then you must update kaspersky

    6 – Now enable Self Defense

    7 – Restart the Computer

    8 – Enjoy

  23. Ajinkya says:

    Dear Rohit,
    Will u please tell me that how to disable self defence of kaspersky

  24. Master says:

    If ur scan icon (when u right click on any folder the scan option appears)
    is grayed(disabled) please while installation just tick on the custom installation (ie bottom of fist installation slide) and change the chinese name to a english name his will solve the scan problem{ ie c:\Programfiles\Kaspersky Labs\ to c:\Programfiles\Kaspersky Labs\anyname}

  25. yushaa says:

    Have you been to change the language to English or not?
    Tell me if it does not work

  26. VZone says:

    Hi, Rohit , I am an IT Student . i got the licanse & activated also with the chinese version , but i tried my level best to change the language but nothing is happeninng, please healp me out.Second thing is that if we work with chinese language all scan options that comes on right click of any file is disabled.

  27. saifafriend says:

    unable to get key ……..
    when i apply for key at promotional page i get the error “SORRY! THIS OFFER IS NOT FOR YOUR REGION”
    plz mail me a key……..

  28. anonymous says:

    Hey my key isn’t working.
    Please help
    I had inputted it correctly but it gives a message box in chinese at activation time(First Run) in chinese language.
    The two steps get completed but at third step it gives a message & again asks for key
    I have tried getting another key (via another email) but that too isn’t working.
    Please guys help…………………..

  29. Arjun says:

    i am in india and this is a chinese offer. when i try to activate it, i get a region code error. How to overcome it??? any idea???

  30. TUHIN says:

    i am facing problem to get activation key…..plz give the keay

  31. eka w says:

    how to towards to first step???especially at the time of entering email to get serial number

  32. Anonimous says:

    The trick no more exist……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. saurav says:

    hello sir

    you done a great job

    but this offer seems to be not valid

    thanks and regards


  34. saurav says:

    hello people

    Kaspersky is available in in India at very low price . you can get kaspersky internet security as per rates below

    kaspersky one user : INR250
    KASPERSKY 3 users : INR 750



  35. HITESH says:

    You have great ideas rohit…………….
    but we can also switch chinese to english by simply pressing (Shift+F12) or only F12 key….

  36. chaandra says:

    i am trying to download ,kaspersky internet security 2011 from promotional page. once i click on the given promotional page link i cant see the page as you provided screen shot.plz help and guide me.thanks

  37. Anna says:

    Hi there, can you give me the link where I could download the chinese installer? 🙂 thanks 😀 Hope to hear from you soon 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

  38. jeff says:

    i am trying to download ,kaspersky internet security 2011 from promotional page. once i click on the given promotional page link i cant see the page as you provided screen shot.plz help and guide me.thanks

  39. pranay says:

    Dear Mam

    Is it still working for you

    please inform,I am getting MAD with this unknown language


    Thanking You


  40. RIAS says:

    As you said above that KIS in India is at affordable price ie, 250rs, may i know where i can get or else guide me i need 2 buy

  41. Squall329 says:

    just make sure that your antivirus is OFF when you visit that page, coz’ it will block the site.. (consider as THREAT)

  42. Jennifer Davis says:

    It works Great.., Thanks a lot for ur help..,

  43. manish says:

    In some cases the error “Activation code is invalid for this region” may appear on the screen during the activation process.

  44. Jaskirat Singh says:

    error “Activation code is invalid for this region” appears on the screen during the activation process.
    When i enter the Activation key
    i belong from Punjab,india

  45. sanjo says:

    i’m too facing the same problem
    error “Activation code is invalid for this region” appears on the screen during the activation process.

  46. surej says:

    pleazzzzzzzzzzzz give the activation key iam in trouble pleazzzz help me

  47. surya says:

    plezzzzzzzzzzz give the one years activation key iam searching it for 2 months so pleazzzzz

  48. velmurti says:

    sir pls give me some way to hav a one year validity

  49. Mobiljoe says:

    Working Good! Thank You!

  50. Nugraha says:

    whether such measures worked in KIS2013?

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