Lock and Hide Files in Password Protected Folder in Windows Freeware

Hiding certain files and folders is a need which many of us may require time to time. Though there are many encryption software available for this job, one thing which is noticeable is that they do not hide the files but only locks them with a password making people aware of presence of a locked files that cannot be accessed. This job can be cleanly done with help of My Lockbox.

my lockbox freeware folder lock for windows

My Lockbox is a free, simple and easy to use application that helps you to lock and hide files inside a password protected folder as defined. You can lock and hide any folder in your system with ease as it consists of only one main window with not much configuration to be done. It takes in your password while installation and can be changed later.

You can access lockbox window to operate on locked files anytime using hotkey combinations, these combination can be user defined hence speeding up things. It also provides several cool skinsĀ  that can be applied on it.

It supports all versions of windows starting from windows Xp and also supports 64 bit operating system versions. The only thing that you need to take care of using this software is not to lock any operating system files or folders, as this will not let the system to access those files and your OS may crash.

Download: My Lockbox


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  1. Anish K.S says:

    Thanks dude, will check ” My Lockbox “.

  2. VIKASH says:

    Used many folder locks but this one is very small and easy to use

  3. Locker says:

    MyLockbox recommended in the article is a nice piece of software, but, unfortunately, you can lock only a single folder with it. To lock more folders, you will still have to get free open source TrueCrypt or shareware Folder Password Expert.

  4. Sally says:

    As the above person says i didn’t get much success while multiple folders using MyLockBox and also after the trial period it bugs me like anything. Alternative i would recommend is either Lock a Folder or True Crypt.

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