Top 5 Mobile Instant Messenger – Chat applications

Chatting has become addiction from the habit of time pass. People want to chat whenever they get free time from busy schedule in fact they create time for chatting from their daily routine.

Most of people do chat for fun but bloggers like us chat for professional purpose also. What to do when you are not on your PC or Laptop? Just simple Log in from your Mobile’s IM. Here, I am giving you top 5 java (jar) Mobile messengers list that will connect you to Gtalk ,Yahoo, MSN ,AIM, Facebook. You just need Internet connection with Java enabled mobile with you.

1. Ebuddy

It is the most popular mobile messenger in current scenario. It allows us to log in to multiple IM accounts at the same time in one list that means you can log in to 2 or more than two google accounts along with 2 more than two yahoo account simultaneously. It Provides history of recent chatters to whom we talked recently. For a Yahoo user, ebuddy is their dream Messenger as they can buzz the opponent and can send same number of emoticons in same way that they do on Desktop Yahoo messenger. Features of Ebuddy didn’t stop here it allows you to choose avatar from your camera phone or from google account.

ebuddy mobile messenger

Ebuddy Mobile Messenger

2. Mig33

MIG 33 was being used for free international mobile call and for sending free international sms. As, it was allowing user to call from any country to any country in whole world. Initially new registered users were getting 20 INR (in India) from which one could talk up to 5 mins. But ,Now that feature can be used only after purchasing premium accounts. Still don’t worry we can use Mig33 as Mobile Messenger as it’s most fancy attractive java messenger. Mig33 has its own chat room along with their active community. It works successfully with Black berry and windows mobile as well. It is super fast and saves your data being transffered.

Mig33 mobile messenger (IM)

Mig33 Mobile messenger

3. Nimbuzz

Along with chatting facility nimbuzz provides call and sms sevices commonly known as mobile VoIP. Calling can be made from Nimbuzzz to Nimbuzz only which includes PC. Unlike mig33 ,which is providing calling from mobile to mobile , Nimbuzz has limited call feature. In same way it also allow us to send files containing video,mp3, pdf,etc. Surely as a messenger it is well and good.

Nimbuzz IM mobile messenger

Nimbuzz Chat

4. Skype Lite

Another Java J2ME chatting software that Lets you to connect with your friends. It also provides calling from Skype to Skype user works in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand , chile.

Skype IM mobile messenger

Skype Lite Mobile Messenger

5. RockeTalk

It provides super fast log in speed with minimum amount of data transaction. Rocke Talk keeps us updated from the “whats hot” stuff in admin panel. Rest of the feature are same as other Messengers.

All the above softwares are comes in jar files which is also known as java J2ME type software and are compatible with all major mobile phones including Nokia , LG , Samsung, Sony and Motorola.. They are free to share and can use under their free license sharing issue.


About the Author

Nitin Sapkal is tech enthusiastic Blogger from Nagpur. Being an ETC Engineer he covers the News related to Telecom field along with gadgets reviews and general tricks & hacks.

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  1. Ashfaq khan sense says:

    I generally use ebuddy here in pak.

  2. Umabala says:

    I have been using RockeTalk for the last 6-7 months. What is really cool- and what you forgot to mention, are their voice feature- very clear and and very fun- especially in the personal messaging and the communities. I simply love the communities. My favourites are the shairi one and the radio community.

    I live in India but my Rocketalk friends are all over the world- in USA, Pak, India, Europe, South and Central Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh as well as the Philippines and Thailand.

    Anyone wanting to try out voice chat or video chat should try Rocketalk.

  3. Nihar says:

    All are new to me buddy. I just use Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.

  4. Muthuraj says:

    Hi Nitin – your blog is nice; contents are good.
    Find the revised top 5 instant messengers for java mobiles at My Search History : Top 5 Instant Messengers (IM) for Mobile Phones


  5. Noor says:

    I think eBuddy is the best mobile instant messenger

  6. Martina says:

    eBuddy is nice but me and my friends realy like to use another mobile messenger called qeep.

  7. Razan says:

    nimbuzz is the best to me .. It’s relly great

  8. edd says:

    try shmessenger it is also a very good im ..

  9. Su Su says:

    try shMessenger guys ^ ^. it’s really cool!

  10. mahyar says:

    shmessenger is good because of low internet usage, but not easy to use for full touch cells

  11. irfan says:

    ebuddy is very good messenger

    irfan azad

  12. goni says:

    for me so far best is nimbuzz. I can download rocket talk in my e63 but is not functining.

  13. jack says:

    please some body tell me how to get fring.
    moreover this nice infomation .on this blog.
    quran tutor

  14. Victor says:

    In Nigeria, 2go is the most used chat application. Cheap, fast and has many features you can think of.

  15. Kishor Baral says:

    u have left a very impressive messenger that’s shmessenger which is the best among all. i am using it from 3 years. Its easy to use and very cool.

  16. ajay says:

    for me so far best is nimbuzz. IT IS NICE

  17. Bvn says:

    i think Nimbuzz is best!!

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