Reset or Remove Windows Administrator password Modestly

Sometimes it is natural that being the administrator you may forget your Windows account Password. This might bring a lot of irritating and time consuming consequences, as I forgot my password but luckily was logged into my account. So I had to create a new user account before logging off and organize everything from scratch. But situations like this can be avoided with Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

With this utility you will be able to set an entirely new administrator password without knowing the previous one for windows XP, windows 2000, vista and windows 7, you will get options to unlock disable or locked out user accounts and there is also a registry editor that can be used for many other purposes and also works well under Linux environment.

This utility works by making a bootable CD, Floppy drive or USB disks like pendrive, after you have downloaded the files (For CD release) just extract the ISO file and burn it on a CD or make bootable pendrive from the files. Next time you boot select boot device as USB drive or CD drive as preferred and follow the steps. This utility access Windows Security account Manager File where all windows passwords are stored and deletes or resets the password associated with the account name.

My Verdict

This Utility can be used to as a great relief if you have forgot your password, but is the same way depending on type of use it can also be used to hack into others computer running windows . Thus the use of this software totally depends on intention of user.

Download: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


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  1. Suhasini says:

    This idea is really helpful, all I knew in desktop you just need to take off something from CPU and you need not have another password but note sure about this 😛 but this thing will certainly help now.

  2. himanshu says:

    hope it works. i am dieing to crack my college computer

  3. Basha says:

    Will it work with vista and windows 7 tooo pl let me know…???

  4. rocky says:

    publish some practical hacking these all stuff is useless and direct wrong concept of hacking

    • Sourojit says:

      In common usage, hacking is a process in which one breaks into a computers, usually by gaining access to administrative controls. The software we provide are for beginner’s or home users. This application in particular helps you to bypass windows security. So the concept is nowhere wrong.
      If you are expecting some high level hacking tricks then this might have disappointed you. we are really sorry for that.

  5. barika says:

    I would like to introduce windows password key 8.0. it not only supports XP, 2000, and NT, I have personally tested it with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It creates a password recovery CD/DVD,USB Flash Drive for home, business and enterprise. It works perfectly to reset your Windows password.

  6. Susan says:

    Great tips, but I want to know how can I follow this tutorial on windows 7.

  7. rcmichelle says:

    you can try to google Password Genius

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