Top 5 SEO Friendly Dazzling Free WordPress Themes

After an extensive search for the best WordPress theme out there, we picked the best of the lot. There are lots of them available, but what about free ones. After much research we came across some top SEO Friendly free WordPress themes with cool designs.

All WordPress themes in this list are professional and SEO Friendly. There is no wonder why these themes have reached into visitors mind.

1.Hybrid WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly Dazzling WordPress Themes

Hybrid is a user-friendly, search-engine optimized theme framework, featuring 15 custom page templates and 8 widget-ready areas, allowing you to create any type of site you want.



2.Bueno WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly Dazzling WordPress Themes

Bueno is the theme to watch. It is clean minimalistic design that offers elegance in typography and structure. Using a clear & concise grid-based design, Bueno is not only sexy as hell, but very easy to customize.



3. MIMBO WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly Dazzling WordPress Themes

MIMBO is a clean, customizable magazine-style theme for WordPress. It’s also a simple framework which can be modified with child themes. It offers a panoramic starter layout for designers. This grid-based theme has no images and has minimal CSS styling.



4.DailyNote WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly Dazzling WordPress Themes

It uses a dark background with a lighter background around the content. 2 columns and an area to link to your twitter account in the sidebar. The theme is fully widgetized as always. A special feature of this theme is the logo changer



5.Thrilling WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly Dazzling WordPress Themes

ThrillingTheme is a free, GPL-licensed, SEO- and social media-optimized WordPress template.ThrillingTheme comes with an attractive, two-tone title font by default, or you can upload your own custom logo image. The powerful admin options page allows you to make changes without editing code: add your logo, insert your own snapshot, change color schemes, easily integrate your Twitter, Flickr & Facebook profiles, add your Google Analytics tracking code, and manage your ad slots. Everything is plug-and-play!




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  1. Karl Foxley says:

    I’m a big fan of Hybrid and how easy it is to work with.

    I’ve not come across the last two themes you share so I will be taking a look at them after I post this comment.



  2. Nixthemes says:

    Daily note is really cool, reminds me of MS word in mac.

    Thanks for sharing your collection of wordpress themes!

  3. I like the clean, professional look of Mimbo. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Using Hybrid is quite make me busy with code, but it’s not a prob is blogger love to play with code, since WordPress says that code is poetry. Love the Hybrid child themes, I try to create one, but still don’t have enough time πŸ™

    But, I still love to use Hybrid on some of my blogs. Thumbs up for Justin Tadlock!

  5. turisuna says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful themes, I have tried the thrilling WP Theme, it helps my blog indexed in google and get more traffic. Besides the cool style, I really love its SEO friendly.

  6. netmild says:

    i like simple wordpress theme like MIMBO WordPress Theme thanks for sharing

  7. GoenduL says:

    Mimbo is number one, very clean and should be downloaded for my blog, tenkyu

  8. Hi!. thats amuzing Its the second time I’ve come acrosssomething like similar. I think..

  9. Malik Overly says:

    Thank you for the awesome collection of wordpress themes, I have been seeking for a while and these themes are what I really want to put on my new blog.

  10. News Popular says:

    thanks for ure information..i download theme one of them

  11. Helena says:

    Excellent themes. Thanks!

  12. Thank you for sharing these search engine optimized wordpress templates with us. i used “MIMBO” theme for my academic project.

  13. Great collection of free wp themes! Good job of keeping them together.

  14. wawan says:

    Nice Theme.. Thanks For share

  15. Great list, I was looking for seo ready themes then I found your site..thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

  16. this post is very informative, thanks a lot.

  17. car lazy says:

    i like mimbo themes πŸ™‚ thanks for you share πŸ™‚

  18. veterinary says:

    thanks for this great theme i will try to test Bueno WordPress Theme like good i hope to be seo optimised

  19. Nabil says:

    I’m using the theme at the top for my new blog about shoes. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  20. Sher Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing such amazing themes.Really like them and going to test on my site.

  21. Read Blogs says:

    I would love to see an article about which blog templates are the best for SEO and why. Clean always seems to be the best, but what about user friendly?

    Looking forward to your response.


  22. MIMBO WordPress Theme is really good man. Thanks for sharing it.

  23. Maalsansar says:

    wow, bravo thanks for these good looking wordpress themes..

  24. Craig Wilson says:

    I’ve become almost obcessed with the different themes that you can have for WordPress. I knew there were allot but gee whiz! When I spotted you in the search here I decided to come in and take a gander around. I like the suggestions and will give them a closer look. Thanks for writing about these. I’m in the market for a new theme, but have some pondering to do lol

  25. nobrainer says:

    Thanks for the info I’m going to try thrilling.

  26. Geeker says:

    i m big fan of daily note as i m regularly updating my blog with my daily activities it suits it best

  27. Alexander says:

    Nice looking themes πŸ™‚ I am probably going to use number 2 for a new site that i am going to build.

  28. Seo Beginner says:

    thanks for hybrid theme..

  29. ben says:

    awesome collections, i liked them

  30. jpreddy says:

    Great themes I ever saw.

  31. Price India says:

    Nice Collection.
    Does each of them are SEO friendly?

  32. Vacation says:

    Great collection.Thanks very much.

  33. of 5 references free wp themes that you gave above I like the most is mimbo themes πŸ™‚

  34. Zey says:

    thank you with a good theme, I plan to change my blog so simple and seo friendly

  35. Pinoy Answer says:

    Hi I am looking for Q&A wordpress template. DO you have one? Thanks

  36. Techroid says:

    all themes are good. but i like Bueno theme. thanks dude πŸ™‚

  37. AKS says:

    Thank you Ravi,

    This is really a great information for a WordPress beginner like me.

    I am planing to create my blog but I was bit confused with the themes, I want a SEO friendly theme for my blog. From last few days I am trying a new theme – . Can you help me to choose the right theme and also provide your inputs on rtpanel theme.

  38. AKS says:

    Hey Ravi,

    Can you please provide your inputs on

  39. Linesh Jose says:

    I like Bueno and DailyNote themes. other themes are also good πŸ™‚

  40. hiringground says:

    Great themes. thank you for sharing

  41. Priyanka says:

    I love the Bueno theme. Great list btw.

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