Use Keyboard LED’s as Network Activity Indicator

Yes this is true, you can use your keyboard LED”s to indicate incoming or outgoing connections. This can be done with Network lights. It is a free, light weight software that need not to be installed as it can be run directly after downloading.

Well we at least do have three LED’s on our keyboard namely the LED’s for Caps, Num, Scroll locks. Network Lights resides on the system tray. If u right on it, u will be shown various options to control the indicators.

From settings option you can access settings window:

For incoming and outgoing packets you can select the LED of your choice with the blink duration. This application can be added to windows startup from here. Network Light also performs one more taskĀ  of analyzing and showing you network statistics, though it is very basic information.

Though this software has no real purpose to me. It just looks really cool. To download Network Lights click here.


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  1. Avijit says:

    Nice software, my keyboard now appears blinky..

  2. Torsten says:


    Happy new Year!

    Have tried this app during a 1,5 month and there is one smaller issue with it that should be mentioned. There might be a compatibilty issue on some computer’s together with Windows text and typeing function. Myself has been useing Fujitsu Siemens and when the software is active it has been some problems when type text into textfields online like here for example.
    Otherwise it’s a fun little app.

  3. Sourojit Nandi says:

    Yes thanks for the mention. There are some problems exactly to say the missing of some texts while typing.

  4. Led lights are great because they are long lasting and consumes less electricity..-*

  5. Mozart says:

    Many thanks

    nice sw


  6. Laptop user says:


    Does this work on laptops?


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