How to Control utorrent on Home PC via uTorrent Remote Android App

uTorrent is most popular client for Torrent downloading and today they introduced ĀµTorrent Remote app for Android devices which allows to control Torrent downloads on Local Machines (Desktop Computers at home) from Mobile.

uTorrent Remote can control downloads at uploading running on Bittorent client installed on Computer. This is not yet available on Symbian or IOS platform and Android becomes first to have this. Here I share its details and how to configure uTorrent Remote to control client on Home PC.

You need uTorrent 3.0 alpha and uTorrent Remote app installed on Android Device which can be downloaded from market.

How to Control uTorrent remotely from Android Phone

Download uTorrent 3.0 (currently in Alpha) from

Install and open the program. Go to Options > Preferences > Web and Register yourself.

Control uTorrent Remotely from Android Mobile

Use the same login details to enter uTorrent remote installed on Android device and uTorrent Web UI.

Control uTorrent Remotely AndroidControl uTorrent Remotely Android

Control uTorrent Remotely from Adnroid

Also, uTorrent can be accessed via web browser by logging into

Control uTorrent Remotely from Adnroid

uTorrent 3.0 alpha is still available for Windows only, Linux users can try guide to install uTorrent client & Server Web UI on Ubuntu.


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  1. stevvie says:

    You are SOOOOooooo much better off using FuTorrent on android and utorrent 2.?.? on PC. And then you can even search and add torrent from android to PC. Utorrent remote isn’t a remote AT ALL, it’s just really a glorified viewer. But a nice starting point guide though.

  2. luis angel says:

    Hola kiero registrarme en utorrent remote como le hago gracias por su ayuda

  3. king says:

    hi sir. pls. show me how to register utorrent remote thank u sir.

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