How to use Wave Spoofer to install Paid / Cracked apps on BADA / Wave

WaveSpoofer is a tool which lets you install paid cracked apps manually on Samsung Wave phone based on BADA operating system. You are restricted to use Samsung App store for any applications so, this trick lets you install apps manually.

It is hard (though not impossible)  to find BADA apps and Games on Web. Even there is no such BADA file extension which makes searching more difficult. Moreover, Restrictions on BADA are such that you cannot install application just by transferring necessary files to memory card.

How to Use WaveSpoofer?

You need following things before proceeding:

  1. WaveSpoofer 2.5
  2. Original App– Paid Application / Cracked BADA app which you have to download by searching on Google.
  3. Container App– This can be any crappy application downloaded via app store or installed via KIES.

The procedure consists of replacing the contents of already installed app with the one you want which is paid / cracked BADA app using Wave Spoofer.

When you download any cracked Games from web, the name of container app (Free) is mentioned so that you can replace and if not- anything is written and in that case, you can replace it with any free app.

1. Download both- Original app and Container app.

2. Connect your phone via USB in Mass Storage Mode.

3. Open Wave Spoofer > Select Original App and Container app.

How to Use Wave Spoofer

In case, the container app was mentioned while downloading, find the folder of same name as cracked app in the Phone memory card. Location of Container app is \others\_@@bada_applications@@_\

If Anything was mentioned during download then you don’t have to care about folder name.

How to Use Wave Spoofer

When done! Press on Spoof and when spoofing is done successfully , disconnect the phone and restart it.

You will notice the app you spoofed now opens something else means the one you wanted.

How to Use Wave Spoofer

Wave Spoofer also has option to provide custom name and icon to app so that it no more has container app name.

How to Use Wave Spoofer


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  1. GPUToaster says:

    I have .img and .app files, so How can I extract “complete” contents from them. I tried wit 7z but it was not able to extract exe’s and signature.xml…any tips?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      You mean the original app you downloaded has File extension .img?
      If so, then use Magic ISO to extract it completely. Regarding .APP files, I think they are related to Mac OS and not some file archive or something.

      • GPUToaster says:

        Actually you can open them with 7z or even Rar. All files can be extracted but only the exe and signature.xml are kinda encrypted and some unknown compression method has been applied. Any idea about it….If those two files can be extracted then it will be greate help at Spoofing!

  2. l says:


    I recive the following notice

    what could be the problem?

    Pls help 🙂

  3. l says:

    finally i managed to change the files, now the icon is for exemple from assasins creed and the name is ski jump, but after the taping the icon nothing happanes….


  4. John says:

    Done it correctly…but nothing happens after tapping the icon..the game is not launching.!

  5. shan says:

    i have the same problem ..nothing happens after i tap the icon..the app is not launching…!

  6. Sahil says:

    AWESOME page man!!

    but i am having problem that what if i want to download apps from samsung apps only.. i mean its got the best of them and they can be downloaded only via kies… so how to spoof then! please please please help!

  7. gps522 says:

    does wavespoofer support all samsung waves?
    I have gt533, can I use it?

  8. WAVY says:

    Hello Rohit,
    I have a french Samsung Wave I with official Bada 1.2 on it .
    I tried to spoof Brothers In Arms 2 with BUMB CRASH, it worked but BIA2 doen’st run .
    I saw in a site “” how to do but i can’t launch the container app via samsung app !
    Please help me !

  9. Chris says:

    Im installing what is being called and “original application” on my fone, but theres absolutely nothing in the Others folder. I tried with 2 or 3 games and nothing ever appears in the Others folder..what am i doing wrong??

    • Mihai says:

      u doing wrong this..: go to menu -> touch settings -> touch applications -> touch instalation settings -> touc memory card…. and then u will find in others when u need to find.. i still cant run the applications i do everything.. but it wont run.. 🙁 maybe it will work for you

  10. S.J. Choe says:

    Hey, I’m korean.
    Does this work with wave2?

  11. zidane says:


    i can’t find the aap in \others\_@@bada_applications@@_\
    there is nothing in others folders plz help me out where do i find them.

  12. sarthak says:

    guys guys i have wave 2 ……. i downgraded it into xxjk3……i have everything …container app..original app…wave spoofer 2.5 ….but the prob is the spoofer doesnt detect my wave 2 ….plz plz plz help ……

  13. jithu says:

    hii i am using wave 2, i want to install hd games can you help me.. please tell me the right procedure

  14. VF says:

    I have wave 2, install a game with all the correct step. But i cannot play the mention game and its nothing happen when i tap and tap and tap the game… Why? can you delighting me?

  15. thegoodman says:

    Man, if this works, you rock. Keep up the excellent work.

  16. Nitin says:


    If u all can send me the spoofed apps along with the container apps that wud be gr8.

    If ur still facing the problem in getting ur wave2 detected by Wave spoofer, then follow these steps:

    1: in USB settings select either debugging mode or just dont select anything.

    2:download a small application “Stune/Stunes” and it will connect and will also display you the port number of the USB COM port.
    just after that disconnect from the Stunes, and connect with wave spoofer, remember not to change the port after u connect with stunes.

    Hope this will help.
    And maybe if ur using Win7 then there are whole lot of issues..
    so use Windows XP Sp2+.. shd be fine.

    Please email me the spoofed apps along with container app.
    my email:


  17. sandy says:

    plz tell me how to download both the apps … simple form

  18. jas says:

    guys The Download attempt for Wave Spoofer is failing , pls suggest some website from where i can download it. Thanks

  19. john says:

    Hey.I have wave 2 with bada 1,2
    I succesfuly spoofed the aplications.but when i try to open it doesn’t start.I followed all steps.the spoofer needs bada 2.0?

  20. mitko says:

    i install the aplication and doing everithing correct but when i tap to the icon nothing.

  21. chetan says:

    i downloaded all the file but i am not able to find the __@@bada_applications@@__ > snxeh214qy even after downloading the navitel on the memory card. Can u please help me find the navitel file

  22. priyaans99 says:

    How to Use This One Chq out Samsung Wave Spoofer


    Help me Pls

    Or Jo Container app. Hai Usko Matlab Kya Hai Pls Woh Bhi Batana ..

    Chq i Will Try But Ye Huva



  23. apoorv says:


  24. naushad says:

    i am also facing the same problem, i have spoofed it successfully but nothing happens on clicking the spoofed item…….plz help me out…..

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