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10 Android Games to Kill Boredom and Pass Time While Traveling in Bus / Train

There’s a situation when you are traveling by Bus, train or by Air or waiting for your ride and you get too much bored and nothing to help you get out of it. What to do to spend such boring time till you reach your destination?

Even things get irritatingly worse when your co-passenger takes his phone out and starts playing some awesome games and start giving some funny and generous expressions and you wonder what the heck he/she is playing and why don’t my phone has those smart games.

Here is a list of all time hit time pass games to help you kick out your boredom while you are traveling. We came up with a list of games which are much more helpful in the journey and they neither need much brain work nor gives too much strain on eyes.

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is all time hit time spender. This strategy game is simple yet bit quirky which will definitely engage you to spend some hours as when you start and hitting right “pigs” will make you stick to it till you finish next levels. Cool graphics and sounds will lift your mood for sure..

Download Angry Birds

2. Ninjump

Ninjump will make you Ninja to run on Vertical walls to evade hurdles with the help of superpowers by hitting 3 consecutive same objects. Ninjump is really engaging game with better game structure, graphics and sounds. Ninjump will not make you bore anytime you start this wonderful speedy game. Making higher and higher scores will lead you to run again and again even if you fall by hitting in between 🙂

Download Ninjump

3. Paper Toss

Remember those days when in school you thrown paper balls in the dustbin? Paper toss will take you back in that time with its super cool yet simple structure. All you need to throw paper balls in the dustbin while there’s a table fan blowing air to drag away your balls from aim. Paper toss is an addictive game with a simple no strategy, no brain work time pass game of all time.

Download Paper Toss

4. Stick Cricket

Cricket! Many hearts say cricket as first love. You searched a lot about cricket games end up with many but only some does wonders to your creative brain. Out of them Stick cricket is very intuitive and simple game with batting only play with the help of simple controls. Stick cricket amazes not only cricket lovers but also non crick-lovers too.

Download Stick Cricket

5. Tap Tap Glider

Paper planes are everyone’s favorite. Everyone glided paper planes in childhood days. So don’t let your childhood die with this super game. Tap glider is game to glide a paper plane with simply tapping on screen passing through hurdles. Collecting points will let you get superpower to evade some obstacle is really engaging game as achieving new goals will open new superpowers.

Download Tap Tap Glider

6. Doodle Jump

Jumping Doodle on sticks and saving it from falling and taking away by aliens is a fun game. Based on motion control of your phone, Doodle Jump is a super fun game with no controls as all you need to move your phone to left and right and hit the aliens by tapping on the screen. Doodle Jump will engage you in much more time with simplistic game play, beautiful UI’s and sounds.

Download Doodle Jump

7. Air Control Lite

Controlling different sized planes coming to your airport with different landing strip is all about Air Control. Planes fancy everyone so here you are to control them to land on their respective strips without colliding with each other. It´s always good to know that you can control Airport Parking as well. Air Control keeps you engaged with its sharp UI and game play where planes are coming with increased speed time to time..

Download Air Control Lite

8. Lane Splitter

Wake rider inside you with this bike riding game with wheelies and lane splitting to evade ongoing traffic. This game will remind you of a Racing TV Game. Evading through traffic with awesome sounding bikes added with wheelies to earn more points is yet another engaging game. This racing game is motion gaming with just tilting phone to the left and right will do wonders.

Download Lane Splitter

9. Dragon Fly

Flying baby dragon to guide him how to fly is Dragon Fly. Dragon Fly is a wonderful game to fly baby dragon and taking its longest distance it can while his mamma dragon coming after her baby to catch him. Completing different targets like swoosh, firebird and collecting energy vials adds some spark to the game. This cute dragon baby keeps you engaged in achieving new levels and targets. Simplistic graphics and amazing sound makes it wonder play.

Download Dragon Fly

10. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is the game where you can unleash your hidden skills of playing sword like a ninja to cut away fruits not humans with blood spats. Fruit Ninja comes with very attractive and colorful graphics and game play where all you need to cut the fruits with swords. Game play has Classic and arcade modes to add some salt to your fruits. It’s fun and amazing game to spend more time as it makes you addicted towards it.

Download Fruit Ninja

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sameer - June 10, 2012

Good post, nice editing, clean language and help full draft to understood.
Keep posting

Mohammad farooq - June 10, 2012

Really awesome games and a cool description of them. Have just played 2 of the above, will dwnld rest of dem.

Sanjeev - June 11, 2012

Any action games which is available for free?

sushil - June 11, 2012

i have a addition for this list…..
1.BMX boy/ Skater Boy…
2.Drag Racing–simple but very interesting game…

ketan parekh - July 4, 2012

The UNICORN DASH is very nice game to play


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