How to be Awesome on Facebook: No Non-sense Guide

OK, let me guess.

You think that your friend who gets more likes on Facebook has a happening life than yours.

Awesome, cool, funny. <whatever> incidents don’t happen with just them. It is just the way they present it to you in form of status update on Facebook. Even you can be popular among your friends by being more presentable with your words.

It’s not even about having a good time anymore.
It’s about showing everyone on the Facebook what a good Time you’re having.

I have been noticing the engagement on my status updates for years and accordingly compiled this article to tell what works. Yes, I am that awesome. 🙂

1. Be KISSable

Keep it short, silly.

People may spend hours on Facebook but they don’t have a minute to read if your status update crosses three lines.

So, please don’t make them read your essays. Try to sum up in few words whenever and wherever possible.

Also, a research suggests that a post with less than 80 characters gets 66% more engagement.


2. Don’t be Easy on Words

Personally, I love sarcasm and practice it regularly to the extent that it has almost become my second nature.

It takes a twisting of brain muscles to understand. Not everyone gets it but those who do have a good laugh.

What exactly is sarcasm by the way?

Using pretty words which appears to be praising when actually you are taunting.


3. Make Fun of Yourself

I like self-deprecating humor, although I really suck at it. (See what I did there?)

When you point out a loser in you, it appears more natural and real. People find it easy to connect and feel you are not perfect either, just like them.

By making yourself a target, you can come up with some really stupid stuff without risking to offend anyone.

Just be careful with how far you go. There’s a fine line between self-deprecating humor and an embarrassing cry for help.

4. Post BeYoutiful Stuff

Facebook is your personal space, people love to know
what’s on your mind.

Dare to take a Stand. Write what you purely feel about some incident or person without dilution of others’ opinions.

No one remembers the guy who kept mum. Stop being diplomat. Say something about something you liked or stand against if didn’t like it.

Not everyone will appreciate but that isn’t a goal, is it?

5. Go beyond Liking

It would be difficult to maintain any relationship in real life if everything was received with, “I like that.” Or silence. Feedback, people. It’s all about feedback.

Leave a comment. Say something in words to express. It makes you noticeable and stand out of liker crowd.

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Bonus Tip: Have Professional Looking Photographs

Profile photo or display picture represents the real you on Facebook.

Some photos look good on full screen but when set as profile photo, they look unclear in smaller size. You need to know the exact size / resolution of photo accepted by Facebook and upload accordingly.

I recently came across AP Social Media image maker which creates perfect sized images for profile photo as well as Cover Photo. Along with the resize option, it offers option to retouch which is basically applying effects to look awesome. If that wasn’t enough, check out Facebook cover makers.

Lastly people, invite friends to parties not on CandyCrush.

stop calm-be awesome

P.S. Your awesomeness is subject to your creativity and how you apply it.

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Vikram - October 22, 2014

Hi Rohit,

This is good stuff to go… Could you write a blog of how to promote your facebook page without paying for facebook advertisement and third-party involvement. This would be really helpfull to the readers.

Asif - October 22, 2014

Whenever I ask you, you said it’s a secret and
you leaked it on your own blog.
Not fair. :p

Ben Zhao - October 23, 2014

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your sharing on this FB related guidance.


Ben Zhao

Alberto Rendon - November 4, 2014

Hi! I am impressed with your blog about computers. I am a technician of hardware and software -desktop and laptop. I am a young blogger just 6 months old and my niche is about blogging, but it seems I will change it…. just planning anyways… for now I am setting up an online store as an affiliate of

Good to hear from y co-bloggers especially those who have good ideas to share…. keep bro….

Raj Groups - November 26, 2014

really smart tips

Araf - December 4, 2014

Yes rohit completely agree. I follow on facebook and 8o character thing actually work there .
Congrats for your marriage Have happy life ahead

persian music - May 31, 2016

LOL good tips for being awesome 🙂
i use them and waiting for my rusult to being awesome on facebook!

Neeraj Singh Rautela - July 12, 2016

After reading this article i am just 1 step ahead to be a dude in Facebook he he


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