Cross Platform Feed Reader Desktop Client | Google Reader Alternative

Many people love to be in touch with latest news and technology. Doing this online is not possible every time due to time shortage.  So the best way to do this task is using a feed reader for the websites you like the most. It not only gives you the latest news on your desktop but also saves lot of time.

In this respect Google Reader is one of the most widely used feed reader commonly used. If you love and use Google Reader but cannot use the desktop client on other operating systems then its very depressing. WebReader can help you in situations like this.

WebReader is a freeware adobe air application. Hence it can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Using this application is simple. All you have to do is login with your Google account details. With this Reader you can do every thing that you could have done with Google Reader.

Features of Web Reader

  • Fully featured Google Reader Desktop Client
  • Folders and subscriptions management
  • Multiple views to read articles
  • Instant alerts
  • Subscribe to any website, blog, rss or atom feed
  • Smart search
  • Share articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Mail
  • Adjustable font size
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