Download FIFA 13 Demo Free Game Official Version

download fifa 2013 free demo

Finally FIFA 13 Demo has been released and FIFA enthusiasts can download it for free. The demo game will provide you with good speculation of what the full game has to offer. Specially you will notice the differences between FIFA 13 and all the prior versions you have played so far. 

Before going into much details lets have a look at the official FIFA 13 Demo trailer.

FIFA 13 Demo Game Trailer

While Playing the demo you will notice that it is easier to control players and perform complex combos. The main difference between FIFA 13 and the previous versions is the realistic approach. Things will not be the same as you expect it to be. The ball has its own behavior, it will bounce and will have slight natural turn as we have in real life game. Players not controlled by user are more aggressive towards receiving passes and holding positions.

The commentary system seems bit of the same which disappointed me, boring and repetitive. You will find the menu simple and interactive to quickly jump in action. Now lets see how you can download FIFA 13 Demo quickly for free.

How to Download FIFA 13 Free Game Demo


You do not have any standalone setup file to download and play the game. So what you will need is the official EA Store Client i.e Origin. So you will be required to create an Origin account if you are not already having it. Once the account is created you have to download the Origin Client.

Signup Origin Account

Download Origin Desktop Client

Downloading FIFA 13 via Origin Client

download fifa 2013 free demo

  • Login to the origin Client, you can also signup for account from here.

download fifa 2013 free demo

  • Go to Store->Free Games, you will find FIFA 13. Click on it.

download fifa 2013 free demo

  • Click on the download button to start the download. You can also mark it as favorite and download later.

download fifa 2013 free demo

  • The Download size is almost 2.20 GB, so you can expect it to take a while. Once the download is complete you can play FIFA 13 directly from Origin.

FIFA 13 Gameplay Screenshots


Game Launcher

download fifa 2013 free demo


Start Game

download fifa 2013 free demo


Mode Selection

download fifa 2013 free demo


Team Finalization

download fifa 2013 free demo


Match Play

download fifa 2013 free demo


In Game Pause Menu

To uninstall the game open Origin->My Games. Select the more details option. You will find details about your game and will also see the uninstall option to remove FIFA 13 from System.

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