Free PDF Image Extractor with Advanced Features

Back in the days when I was in college, there was a constant need to extract images from PDF files. The reason was that most of the people used to convert images of study materials into PDF files to save space. I was comfortable with images as I was habituated using Picasa Photo viewer efficiently. Now, if you are facing a similar situation with loads of PDF files containing images which you want to extract, then Free PDF Image Extractor is at your disposal.

Well, here I have described only one situation that I faced but there might be many occasions when this functionality can be helpful. As the name suggests this software helps you to extract only images from PDF files.

There are few key features in PDF Image Extractor that makes it superior to any free software in same genre.

Key Features of Free PDF Image Extractor

  • Supports password protected files.
  • Batch Extraction of images from PDF files.
  • Select page number range in each PDF file to extract image from.
  • Select from wide output range of image like jpg, png, bmp etc.
  • Water mark output images with text or logos.
  • Resize the image and apply borders.

There are many more feature that we will gradually see in this article.

Working with Free PDF Image Extractor

While installing this software, keep in mind to select custom installation. Which if not done will lead to installation of unwanted stuff.

extract images from pdf file

The interface is simple. You can select PDF files by clicking on the Add File button, alternatively you can drag & drop selected PDF files to add them. From the list of added files click on the Documents and settings tab present just at side to select page range.

text based image extraction from pdf file

From here you select the page range from which the images will be extracted. By default, it extracts images from all pages. This setting is particularly helpful when you want some images say from page 20-30 in a PDF of 100 pages.

There are many types of range filters like Odd pages from, Even pages from etc. These are like situational filters as in general you might not feel the need to use them. Manual method is much more powerful where you can select collection of pages from a PDF file.

If you are unsure of the pages to be selected, Text filter helps you to print pages with specific text matches. All the images in pages with same text will be extracted. Hence a lot of time is saved.

Output Image Settings

advance image extraction settings

At the bottom section, set the destination for the extracted images. Shift to Image Action Tab, there are numerous options you can use. Adding custom text and image watermark is a bonus considering all the features. You also have option to use image frames or background gradient.

PDF Image Extractor Performance

free picture extractor from pdf

I have tested this software on Windows 8.1 x64. There were no crashes or compatibility issues. While selection some options like resize, crop, change canvas I got an error message stating ” Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object “. Just click on OK, it works fine.

Performance is brilliant, It took nearly no time to extract 50 images from my test PDF file with resize and watermark output action.


This is a must use tool for people who work a lot with documents, specially PDF files. It bundles all features that you can expect from a PDF image extractor. The Output Image Actions provides all the features that you might require.

Download: Free PDF Image Extractor

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Akshat Malik - October 9, 2013

highly helpful article…

i used to extract the pic by using the long method : screen shot and then crop using paint making me compromise on the quality.
this will help me a lot.
thanks sourojit

Luke Watts - October 17, 2013

Nice tools, can we change any type of image file?

    Sourojit Nandi - October 26, 2013

    Yes you can. Almost all commonly used image formats are available.

Dmitri Chavkerov - October 23, 2013

Nice Blog Keep It Up..

imtiaz Ahmed - November 1, 2013

Thanks For Sharing Awesome info With Us.Some Time We have No idea how we can use this.
We are find here always nice and top level info all time.

Satya Srinivas - November 27, 2013

There are PDF extractors and there are PDF extractors. But this free offering packs the punch with tons and tons of features. Thanks for the nice review.

Sahil Fz - December 23, 2013

Very nice & helpful

Partha Ranjan Nayak - February 20, 2014

Great software.
Thanks for post


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