How to Zip and Unzip Files Online Without Uploading it

If you have to work on any public computer often and you don’t have the permission to install any application software there, web apps are the only solutions for you. In such situations, if you need a file zipping utility, ezyZip meets your requirements efficiently.

This nifty free web app lets you zip files, add zipped files to an existing archive and unzip files from your browser only. The best feature of this cool application is that you don’t need to upload the file to process. It runs locally as a java applet inside the browser and works as efficient as a desktop app. There is no annoying registration process either. Just go to the ezyZip website and start working.

You may notice a java script alert at the beginning. Click “Run” to continue.

Java Script Alert at the ezyZip Website

There are two main features, Zip and Unzip. Click the “ZIP” tab and then “Select Archive File” button to start zipping.

Two Main Features of ezyZip- Zip and Unzip

Choose a location for the zipped file. Enter a file name and click “Create Archive”.

Create Archive Location for the Zipped File

Now, click “Add File(s)” button. Select any file from your hard disk and click “Add”. Alternatively you can drag & drop files into “Files to archive” list.

Selection of File to be Zipped on ezyZip

Click “ZIP EM!” to begin zipping.

Selected File Ready to be Zipped on ezyZip

On completion, a confirmative message is shown.

Archiving Completed on ezyZip

Now, it comes to unzip a zipped file. Click the “UNZIP” tab and then “Select ZIP file” button. Browse for any zipped file from your hard disk and click “Open”.

Select Zipped File to Unzip

Select destination directory for the unzipped file.

Select Destination Directory for Extracted File

Click “UNZIP IT!” button to start extracting.

Selected Zipped File Ready to be Unzipped on ezyZip

The unzip process completes within seconds.

Unzipping Completed on ezyZip

So, you don’t require any file zipping desktop utility anymore. Use it and let us know your experience.

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