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How to Download Facebook Photo Album from Right Click Context Menu

Facebook Photo Album Downloader - Firefox Add-on

Believe me, its possible! We have already learned how to upload photos to Facebook album from right click context menu. Now, you will learn how to download Facebook Photo Album from right click context menu. Facebook does not provide any download option for photo album. What you have to do so far, is to view each photo one by one and save them into your local drive. The task must be annoying. And whenever any of your friends uploads an album containing hundreds of images, you have to spare a lot of time collecting all of them.

FacePAD or Facebook Photo Album Downloader is an awesome Firefox add-on that makes this laborious task dead simple. You just need to do a simple right click to grab an entire Facebook photo album.

Download and install FacePAD

Facebook Photo Album Downloader - Firefox Add-on

You will see a security warning message. Allow it to continue.

Security Warning Before FacePAD Installation

Within few seconds, FacePAD will be integrated with Firefox. Restart the browser for changes to be effective.

Now, navigate to a friend’s Facebook album. Right click the album link and select “Download Album with FacePAD”.  All the images will be downloaded into the default Firefox Downloads folder.

Right Click Facebook Photo Album LInk to Download Images

FacePAD works efficiently and saves your precious time. The only drawback I can see that you can’t provide a destination folder to save those images.

Wikipedia Companion : A Mini Wiki Browser inside Google Chrome

Wikipedia Companion - A Mini Wiki Browser for Google Chrome

Wikipedia is one of the largest online resources covering almost all the topics. Whatever be your query, you will certainly get a wise suggestion from this online storage. Now, you don’t have to go Wikipedia every time for searching. You can do it from Google Chrome with the help of a cool Chrome extension.

Wikipedia Companion is a nifty Chrome extension that lets you search for your query directly from Google Chrome without opening a new tab. Download and install Wikipedia Companion.

Wikipedia Companion - A Mini Wiki Browser for Google Chrome

Confirm this Mini Wiki Browser to access your data on

Allow Wikipedia Companion to Access Your Data on Wikipedia

Within seconds it gets installed and you will see a Wikipedia icon on the right-top toolbar of browser.

Wikipedia Companion Icon on Browser Toolbar

Now, whenever you want to search for something in Wikipedia, just click the icon. It will open a pop-up containing the search box. Type your query and hit the search button. To view the results in a new tab, hit “Open in Tab”. There are several more buttons like “Clear History”, “Go Back”, “Go Forward” for easy searching process.

Wikipedia Companion Pop-up Containing Search Box

If you want to change the language, click “Options”. It will open a new tab where you can change language preference, pop-up window width, font size etc. There is another option to show featured article on start-up.

Settings of Wikipedia Companion Chrome Extension

Customize these settings according to your like and experience a more efficient wiki searching right from your favorite browser!


How to Schedule and Update Facebook Status and Tweet in Future

User Interface of Later Bro

Have you tried Deferred Sender to schedule and send an email in future? If not, try it now. Today, I am going to share another free web service that lets you update your Facebook status and schedule a tweet in future. Later Bro is an awesome web app that provides both the facilities from one single interface. You don’t need to register yourself either to access this service.

Visit Later Bro. The interface is pretty simple. You will see two buttons there, one for Twitter and the other for Facebook.

User Interface of Later Bro

To Schedule Future Status on Facebook:

Click “Facebook”.

Signup with Facebook for Future Status

A pop-up window appears prompting you to log in to your Facebook profile.

Log in to Your Facebook Profile with Email and Password Combination

For the first time, allow Later Bro to access Facebook profile’s basic information.

Allow Later Bro to Access Basic Information of Facebook Profile

Allow Later Bro again to post status messages in your profile.

Allow Later Bro to Post to Your Facebook Wall

Select your local time zone by clicking the drop-down list and hit “Next”.

Select Local Time Zone

Now, compose your future status. You can post up to 140 characters.

Compose Future Status within 140 Characters

Click the Calendar icon to set up the date of posting.

Set the Date on Which Future Status will be Updated

Select a specific time at which your status will be updated.

Set the Time at Which Future Status will be Updated

You have several options to set the frequency of your just-composed update. Check the box before the Facebook icon and click “Schedule”.

Set the Frequency of Update and Schedule It

Hover the mouse on the green strip containing the welcome message. It will change to “logout” option and will become red. Click to logout safely.

Log out from Later Bro

Your status is scheduled successfully and will be posted on your Facebook profile at the specified time.

Facebook Status is Updated at the Specified Time

To Schedule a Future Tweet:

The process is quite similar to that of Facebook. Click “Twitter”.

Signup with Twitter for Future Tweet

Log in to your Twitter profile.

Log in to Your Twitter Account with Email and Password Combination

Allow Later Bro to access and update your profile.

Allow Later Bro to Access and Update Your Twitter Account

Within seconds, you will be redirected to the application.

You are Redirected to Later Bro to Compose Future Tweet

Rest of the steps is exactly same as in case of Facebook. After finishing the process, the scheduled tweet will be shown on that page.

Future Tweet has been Scheduled Successfully

It will appear on Twitter at the specified time.

Twitter Status is Updated at the Specified Time

Whenever you will be away from computer, schedule Facebook status and tweet in advance and keep relaxing!

Like My Tweets: New Like Button for Twitter

Like My Tweets Home Page

We all are familiar with the famous Like button on Facebook. Now, another micro-blogging giant Twitter has a Like button too. You don’t need to retweet anymore to show that you have liked any particular tweet. Like My Tweets is a cool twitter app that appends a like link on your tweets. When your followers click the link, you get a notification that your tweet has been liked.

Go to Like My Tweets home page. Click the “Get The Like Button”.

Like My Tweets Home Page

You will be prompted to log in to your Twitter account. Allow Like My Tweets to access your profile.

Allow Like My Tweets to Access and Update Twitter Profile

Shortly you will be redirected to the application interface where you can customize the settings.

Customize Like It Message

You can customize how your tweets will look like, which particular tweets will have the Like link or whether you want to receive messages when people like your tweets.

Now, Log in to Twitter and post a tweet.

Compose a Tweet

It will appear just like below.

Tweet with the Like It Link by Like My Tweets

When anyone clicks the link attached to the end of your tweet, the user will be redirected to a page where he/she can put his/her Twitter username to inform you who they are or they may like it as an anonymous.

Let One Know that You Liked the Tweet

If you want to discontinue with Like My Tweets, go to Settings –> Connections. Click “Revoke Access” under Like My Tweets. The Like link will be removed from your future tweets.

Discontinue with Like My Tweets


How to Access Facebook Profile inside Yahoo Mail Account on all Browsers

My Yahoo Link Inside Your Yahoo Mail Account

We have already learnt about how to access Facebook profile within Gmail account. Today, I am going to share the procedure to access Facebook profile from within Yahoo Mail account. You can access your Facebook profile inside My Yahoo!

Log in to your Yahoo Mail account. Click the link “My Yahoo!” at the right-top corner.


My Yahoo Link Inside Your Yahoo Mail Account

Hit “Add Content” at the left-top side of your My Yahoo! Page.

Add Content on My Yahoo Page

You will see several options under “Browse Content” section. Click “My Yahoo! Essentials”.

My Yahoo! Essentials under Browse Content Section

Few Essential Contents will appear. Click the “Add” button on the content “Facebook”.

Add Facebook to Your My Yahoo! Page

Within seconds, the content will be added to your Page. Click “I’m Done”.

Facebook Added to My Yahoo! Page

A Facebook log in button will appear shortly. Click to continue.

Facebook Log in Button

Log in to your Facebook profile with the existing username and password combination.

Log in to Facebook Profile With Existing Username and Password

You have to allow Yahoo to access your Facebook profile for the first time.

Request for Permission to Add Facebook with Yahoo

After successful linking, customize the sharing option according to your wish.

Facebook Profile Successfully Linked to Yahoo Account

You are done with all the settings. Now, the home page of your Facebook profile will appear on your My Yahoo! Page.

Facebook Home Page on My Yahoo!

You can access Home, Profile, Friends, Events & Birthdays of your Facebook profile right from My Yahoo! page.

Access Home, Profile, Friends, Events & Birthdays of Facebook from My Yahoo!

To discontinue this facility from Yahoo, go to Options –> Settings.

Go to Settings under Options to Disconnect Facebook from Yahoo

Click “Disconnect from Facebook”.

Disconnect from Facebook Button under Settings

Stay connected always with your Facebook profile from Yahoo and enjoy!


How to Schedule and Send an Email in Future from Gmail or any Service

Deferred Sender User Interface

Does the title appear interesting? Yes, it must be. It will be great to be able to schedule and send an email in future time. Isn’t it? Deferred Sender is an excellent free web app that has made this task dead simple. It doesn’t bother whatever email client or web service you use. It works just perfect with Gmail and all other email providers.

Visit Deferred Sender.

Deferred Sender User Interface

The interface is pretty simple. Enter your email address in the space provided there. Check the box for agreement of associated terms and hit “Join”.

Enter Your Email Address to Join Deferred Sender

You will see a confirmation message of your signing up.

Succesful Deferred Sender Sign Up Process

Now, check the inbox of your email account for the activation link. Your email address will be the default username and you will be provided a password that you can change later.

Activation Link Sent to Your Email Address

You will be redirected to the “Edit Preferences” page on Deferred Sender.

Activation Successful - Update Your Preferences

You can assign your profile a name, set the local time zone and change your profile password.

Name, Time Zone and New Password Settings

There are three types of notification systems available. Select your preferences and save them.

3 Different Notification System of Deferred Sender

You are done with all the configurations. Now, it’s the time to send an email in future time. After the activation of your profile, you will receive another email containing the instructions to use Deferred Sender. Send your future emails to the address

Instructions to Use Deferred Sender Sent to Your Email

Prefix the body of your original email with the following lines:

to [recipient’s email address]


For example, see the following screenshot.

Sample Future Email Sent to Deferred Sender

Compose the future email and hit “Send”. You can check your future emails here.


How to Access Facebook Profile / Wall within Gmail Account on all Browsers

Settings Link inside the Gmail Account

If you do have a Facebook profile created with a Gmail account and you update your status very often, you should give this cool Gmail Labs feature a try. This Labs feature lets you access Facebook profile from within your Gmail account. You can update your status, view wall and news feed without opening a new tab.

We have already seen How to access Facebook inside Gmail using Google Chrome extension but using Gmail Labs Feature, it is possible on all Browsers without any addon.

Log in to your Gmail account and click the “Settings” link at the right-top corner.

Settings Link inside the Gmail Account

Click the “Labs” tab under “Settings”.

Gmail Labs Tab under the Settings of Gmail Account

You will find a Gmail Labs feature named “Add any gadget by URL”. Enable it and save the changes.

Gmail Labs Feature - Add Any Gadget by URL

Now, you will find a new tab “Gadgets” under “Settings”.

New Gadget Tab under Settings of Gmail Account

Go to the “Gadgets” tab. Enter the address in the textbox provided and click the “Add” button.

Enter the URL of Facebook Gadget in the Textbox Provided

Facebook gadget will be added to your Gmail account.

Facebook Gadget Added to Gmail Account

A new element “Facebook” will appear bellow “Chat” in the left pane of your Gmail account. Click the “expand” link to open Facebook interface.

Click the Expand Link to Open Facebook Interface inside Gmail

A “Login to Facebook” button will appear in the right. Press it to continue.

Login to Your Facebook Profile

You have to permit the Gmail Gadget to access your Facebook profile for the first time. Click “Allow”.

Allow the Gmail Gadget to Access Your Facebook Profile

Log in to your Facebook Account with your existing username and password combination.

Log in to Facebook with Your Username and Password

You will have the following interface. To update your status, write something in the textbox provided and click “Share”. There are three more options to access, News feed, Wall and Profile. When you click “profile”, it opens a new tab and redirects you to your Facebook profile page. News feed and Wall open in the same tab inside Gmail. When you are done with your Facebook profile, click “Logout” to go to the normal Gmail interface.

Facebook Interface inside Gmail Account - Update Your Status

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