Make Windows 7 more Interactive with 7 Extra Features

Working on windows 7 has always been easy and smooth. This experience has been further enhanced by many applications that adds shortcuts and hotkeys to perform our work even with greater speed and convenience. Preme is such an application that works bit differently.

Preme is a freeware windows7 portable application that adds additional functionality to windows 7 interface. It is very simple and easy to use with no additional settings. Only thing that you have to do is select features which you want to activate, just by checking or un-checking  the boxes.

Features provided by Preme are:

  • Windows Switcher Corner- Allows aero flip or Task Switcher when mouse cursor is taken to top left corner of screen.
  • Touch Slide Window- Various open windows can be moved to left or right side of the screen and again brought back to center of the screen, hence increasing work speed.
  • Various options to perform on top border of window like, hold mouse button to keep on top, scroll to minimize and press middle mouse button to close.
  • Touch Start- You do not have to click on start button instead only take cursor there, start menu will open automatically.
  • Cursor Up- Clicking on the taskbar tabs directly takes the cursor to close option.
  • ESC ESC- Pressing double ESC on any window closes it.

These features can be used for better comfort handling windows 7. Being a portable application it can be carried anywhere and just copies itself to start menu. By default it stays in the system tray and opens in a mini mode interface which can be restored to full screen.

Download Preme (966.18KB)

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