Actual Multiple Monitors Management Software for Windows

With Windows 7 / 8 there is not much of a need to have a separate multiple monitors management Software. You can perform all your basic tasks with default functions embedded within the Operating System. This need arises when you want to achieve more comfort and have quite a few monitors attached with you main Pc.

Actual Multiple Monitors is a multiple monitors management tool for Windows. It provides us with a lot of features that is well beyond the default features. So lets see what features Actual Multiple Monitors offers.

Features Of  Actual Multiple Monitors Management Software

  • Different Background and Screen Saver on all monitors.
  • Addition of Title bar buttons to each Application window.
  • Solve Taskbar problem with windows 7 with display of Taskbar on each monitor.
  • Set applications to use specific monitor.
  • Create Profiles for different monitors and switch them quickly.
  • Mouse cursor management and locking on particular monitor.
  • Activate functions via Hotkeys.

Multiple Monitors Management

The interface is very neat. It is divided into several categories to keep away the complications. Just select the settings tab and you will get the options to play with. To avail the taskbar you will have to enable it, there is also scope to further tune up the settings according to your choice.

With the Screen Saver and Background Option you can choose the way they are displayed on each monitor. Applying an unique Background to each monitor adds extra points on visual attractiveness.

Once you are through making all the changes, do save the settings as profiles. This allows you to switch between various settings without any hurdles. Making use of HotKeys are not that easy until you can memorize the keys. I will suggest you to have custom Hotkeys for the functions you need frequently.

specific apps on specific monitor

To have a specific app on a defined monitor is a feature that I liked the most. Now you can predefine a monitor to watch movie, browse or even for working on Photoshop. There is no need to make any drags to put the application on extended desktop.


Actual Multiple Monitors is a nifty multiple monitors management software that comes in handy when you are using 3 or more monitors. Actual Multiple Monitors is not free though you can try it for 30 days.


Download: Actual Multiple Monitors

What is your favorite multiple monitors management software?

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rakesh - March 22, 2013

i think there is no need of a separate software for multiple screen in windows 8 this feature is inbuilt.

    Rohit Langde - March 22, 2013

    You are right Rakesh. In Windows 8, Taskbar and Wallpaper issue is fixed but software could be of great help for users still on Windows 7 or lower.
    Also, it supports separate profiles and workspaces which isn’t yet natively supported by Windows.


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