OptinMonster VS ConvertPlug VS SumoMe

Today, when there is a tough competition between businesses over-powering the other, it has become important for business owners to maintain relations with loyal customers and subscribers. Irrespective of the industry the business belongs too, Building an email list has always worked wonders.

Although people look up to digital marketing and SEO as a source of gaining traffic, the continuous updating of Google algorithms has resulted in a loss in loads of traffic to these websites. Email Marketing could be a great source to hold on to the traffic. This is why we need to build effective email lists.

Simplest Email List Building Technique

One cannot go about searching email ids of targeted audiences. The best way to do so, is by asking them to submit their contact details through an opt-in form on the website.

Users who have visited a website, are more likely to visit again when you promise them something they are looking for. This interaction may further help in converting your visitors into leads and then loyal customers.

This is where you will need opt-in forms or popups. But, is this really enough?

Every user wishes to opt for something that looks both; attractive and promising. The opt-in form creation tools, like OptinMonster, ConvertPlug and SumoMe can be used to do so. But, which tool should you use? Confusing right? Let us compare these on the basis of various factors revealing the one that best suits your needs.


Unique Features and Benefits


A widely used Opt-in form creation tool, the OptinMonster can be used across multiple platforms. It comes along with advanced features that help create attractive opt-in forms. A few features I would like to highlight here are:

1. The Exit Intent Technology: The Pro version of OptinMonster lets you use the Exit Intent Technology along with the feature that helps increase the sensitivity.

2. A/B Testing: OptinMonster allows webmasters to A/B Test their designs making sure that they work on creating the best opt-in forms that yield more conversions.

3. Built-in Analytics: Tracking the performance of each popup or opt-in form you have worked on gives a clear idea of how users react to it. OptinMonster comes along with built-in Analytics that helps you track the performance of every style you are working on.

4. Mobile Specific Popups: Along with the well-designed popups and form templates, OptinMonster offers mobile specific popups that can be used specifically for mobile devices.

There are these and many more advanced features that one can use in OptinMonster. But, is it the best opt-in form creation tool for you? Think over; we’ll give you a few more options.


ConvertPlug is a recently launched WordPress plugin, proving to be a great alternative for all the opt-in creation tools available in the market. The developers have made sure that they focus on making the plugin lightweight, easy-to-use with all the features one may expect in such a tool. A few important features I would like to highlight are:

1. 100% Customizable Templates: The special feature of ConvertPlug is that all the templates within this plugin are completely customizable, i.e. you can modify all the elements on a module. One can also use the blank style to create a design a module right from scratch.

2. Built in Lead Capture Tool: ConvertPlug comes along with a built in Lead capture tool, called Connects. All the leads captured through various sources can be stored and managed within the default campaign or those created using third party mailers.

3. Collection of leads through multiple sources: Unlike the other opt-in creation tools that focus on collecting leads through the opt-in forms created using them, ConvertPlug lets site owners capture leads and build email lists through Comment Forms, WP registration Forms, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and more.

4. Fast and Easy: The efforts put in to keep the plugin lightweight, makes ConvertPlug a fast and easy plugin to work with. Anyone, without any technical knowledge can comfortably work with this plugin, and create a well-designed opt-in form or a popup in minutes.

A tough fight right? Are you now stuck between OptinMonster and ConvertPlug? Wait, read a little more about SumoMe too!


SumoMe, an effective alternative to OptinMonster also offers similar features to create attractive and effective opt-in forms or popups. SumoMe comes in 3 packages, i.e. Free, Starters and Pro. A few features I would like to highlight here are:

1. Custom Design Templates: SumoMe offers a huge collection of custom designed templates that can be used to execute a campaign. You simply need to select the template and edit it according to your needs.

  1. Advanced Display Rules: SumoMe allows site owners to display customized popups for targeted visitors.
  2. No Branding with VIP Support: The Starter pack of SumoMe does not include self- branding, and gives you world class VIP customer support when needed.
  3. A/B Testing: The Pro version of SumoMe lets site owners A/B test their popups and opt-in forms to see what works best with their audiences.

Again, is SumoMe the best one for you? Read along to compare them together and select the best one for you.

Kind of Opt-ins Forms Supported by them

Each of these opt-in creation tools have been developed for a purpose. Product developers often improvise and maintain products according to the purpose they are being used for. Therefore, these tools support many kinds of Opt-in Forms one can use on their website. Let us take a brief look at all of them.

All three, i.e OptinMonster, ConvertPlug and SumoMe support Lightbox popups, Hello Bars/ Infobars, Video Opt-ins, 2 Step and Locked Content Opt-ins, Full screen forms and Mobile responsive opt-ins too.

OptinMonster has a unique module, known as the sidebar, while ConvertPlug has a number of other modules that can be worked on quite quickly and easily. The advanced features and popularity of OptinMonster differs it from the rest, while the ease-of-use differs ConvertPlug from the other two; and the availability of a free version of SumoMe makes it worth giving a try.

How do they Work?

OptinMonster, ConvertPlug and SumoMe have their own set of tutorials that help first time user’s work well with these tools.


Creating a form using OptinMonster is easy. It has a real time editor where you can track the changes and modifications you just made. Take a look at the video here. It gives you a rough idea about how you can go ahead creating your first opt-in form using OptinMonster.


ConvertPlug is known for its ease-of-use and quick process. It also has a real time Live Editor that helps you keep track of the changes you do and shows the changes Live. You can take a look at the video here, which is actually a walkthrough of the plugin flaunting its various features and showing how easy it is to work with the interface.


SumoMe too is easy to work with, but lacks the real time editor. You need to work the designing and settings of a form, before you see what it will look like finally. The video here shows you how quickly you can design an opt-in form using SumoMe.

Price you need to pay for it:


OptinMonster is available in three packages. These can be availed either monthly or annually. These packages are named as Basic, Plus and Pro and vary by the features they offer. One will need to pay $9, $19 and $29 for the Basic, Plus and Pro respectively per month.


ConvertPlug does not differ its users based on the package they select. The full version of this plugin can be availed at a one-time payment of just $21. One can access all the features of the plugin along with a 6 months free support from a prompt and knowledgeable team.


SumoMe is again available in three versions; the Free, Starter and Pro. Each of these differ in the features they offer. You do not have to pay a single penny for the free version while one will have to shed $10 and $100 per month for the Starter and the Pro version of SomuMe.

What I LIKE about these THREE?

OptinMonster is a great tool for those who prefer going with a popular choice. Being in the market for years, this tool has proved its worth and taken a prominent place in the market. The promising features that satisfy the needs of almost all site owners is something that makes OptinMonster a widely used tool.

ConvertPlug has taken over the market with a boom! It is a recently launched WordPress plugin, proving to be the best alternative to OptinMonster, with all current features, promising to add a lot more, and just like the agency Converted.co.uk has stated multiple times, when it comes to conversions you need simplicity and integrating this with wordpress is incredibly easy. The one-time payment option and the possibility to integrate it with countless third party mailers is something that makes it one among the best opt-in creation tool for a WordPress website.

SumoMe, like OptinMonster offers lots of features a site owner has been looking for all these years. Although a version of this tool is available for free, one cannot access all the features that come along. Therefore, a paid version is better in order to use all the features and take complete advantage.

But, ConvertPlug is any day, a reasonable option with advanced features, countless integrations and promising updates for WordPress websites.

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Dumaji - April 4, 2016

I used sumome on my blog and happy with it. Though my client have asked to use optinMonster on his website. Thanks for the article Rohit.

mohamaod - April 25, 2016

Thank you for a wonderful article

rohaan - May 26, 2016

i use sumo me plugin on my blog but now after read this this article i’ll replace sumo to covertplug, thanks brother for share

Pranjal Borah - June 9, 2016

I use both OptinMonster and Sumome. But I prefer OptinMonster.

vinayashree - June 12, 2016

Its a nice site to get the good number of traffic ..

Harish Negi - July 25, 2016

I am personally using oprin monster for my website. The subscriber in the recent month has increased significantly. Till now I am satisfied with it. And may be try some other plugin in future.


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