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OptinMonster VS ConvertPlug VS SumoMe

Today, when there is a tough competition between businesses over-powering the other, it has become important for business owners to maintain relations with loyal customers and subscribers. Irrespective of the industry the business belongs too, Building an email list has always worked wonders.

Although people look up to digital marketing and SEO as a source of gaining traffic, the continuous updating of Google algorithms has resulted in a loss in loads of traffic to these websites. Email Marketing could be a great source to hold on to the traffic. This is why we need to build effective email lists. Continue reading


Analyze and track your Website Traffic Stats from Desktop

Analyzing and tracking visitor activity on your website is an important part of website management. The most popular services provided for this purpose are StatCounter and Google analytics. These services are pretty efficient in providing you with information you require but lacks a proper desktop client. Statcounter has no desktop client and has to be opened from a browser, on the other hand Google analytics has a desktop client named Polaris which is handy but lacks in providing good real time stats.
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Add PDF viewer to your website/blog

If you want to add the link to a PDF in your Web now an alternative show you something more sophisticated.

These include vuzit, a small application that allows readers to read the pdf file directly in your site, without having to leave her.

You can test it in, there upload a PDF and see how these can be included within a page without having to download the file before.
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Create Banners Online Easily For Free With Bannerfans

Free Banner Maker lets you create text with various sources and effects, upload images, making degraded, choose a wide variety of sizes, create edges…

The options are so numerous that it is hard not to reach the desired result.
Here you can see some screens with the available options, and the results can be obtained in seconds. Ample amount of designs, creative fonts are available there according to your need.

This online service will help you create banners for advertising your blog. You can submit these images to advertsing networks such as Adbrite, Adwords and much more. Take a look at my banner which I made for my free software download blog. Creating banner was never so easy.


Build CSS/DHTML menus online easily | IzzyMenu

Here I show you an excellent tool for designing a nice menu for your site. No need to know, without having to register, simply indicate Izzymenu a series of parameters and choose options and sub-options that you want to appear on the menu. The result may have several different aesthetic to be adapted to the design of your site.


However in the figure below the design of this application is designed so that it is not at all difficult to get the desired menu code. Easy to understand alos couple who know the typical vocabulary of the world of web design: CSS, link, background, etc.

An excellent choice for not wasting time programming monotonous endless lines of code.

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