Regcure PRO Review and License Keys Giveaway

To keep Windows running smoothly, we have to take care of it regularly. Optimizing and maintaining Windows registry is necessary as an unoptimized registry can lead you to slow boot ups and many application related issues. There are many free and paid registry optimization tools present which can help you perform this task. Continue reading


Fed Up of Slow Android Emulator? Try Genymotion (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Developing for Android has become significantly easier and better lately, especially since the recent Google I/O, which saw the release of Android Studio. However, there’s one thing that still sucks about it — the official Android emulator.

It is sluggish and it is slower than the slowest turtle on the planet. To give you an idea, I’ve never been able to boot it under 6 minutes on my laptop having less than stellar configurations. Simply put, it is a tool that no one likes to use. Continue reading


How Single Click Can Save Your Browser from Unwanted Toolbar & Addon

gom media player

Dubious applications for Windows that offer you free smileys and dictionary (cough Babylon cough) and automatically install annoying browser toolbars & add-ons are no new thing. But of late, scores of trusted applications have also joined the league by packing in similar spamware in their setup.

Applications such as µTorrent, KCleaner, AVG, Veoh Player, GOM Media Player are a few examples of widely used applications that try to slip in browser toolbars, add-ons and even try changing the browser settings. They not only slow down the browsers, but sometimes can be malicious too. Continue reading


What Hacker Suggests to Secure Yourself Online from Malwares

While technological advances continue to ease our lives by transitioning our physical world jobs to the displays of our personal computers, maintaining the secrecy of our account credentials has always been an area of concern. Be it when we’re purchasing something on the internet using our plastic cards or logging into our bank accounts, it is always important to make sure that no one is snooping on our keystrokes by silently installing a malware. Continue reading


6 out of 10 People Ignore These Simple Computer Tips

PC Tips

You might be a rockstar of PC tips and trick, but there is a large, really large group of people who don’t know few simple PC tips that can save time or effort on a daily basis. Few people are just ignorant and don’t use them. I have shared earlier some stupid windows 7 Tricks which people really didn’t know about. Here are some common but not so common tips shared by my friend Asif Ahmed of Techtip which you can apply for productive computing. Continue reading


How to Download Google Web Fonts and Use in Offline Applications

Fonts collection

Fonts used on Blogsolute are from Google’s Web Font Library. Yes, they are very popular! Though, you can use them online in any applications, it wasn’t possible till now to download them and use it offline. Here’s how you can download Google font catalog on PC/Mac and then use it on Microsoft Word, Photoshop or anywhere you want to.

To begin with, you need two things:

  1. Account on Fonts.com (Register for free)
  2. SkyFonts software application (Download)
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How to start using Google Web Fonts offline?

  1. Open the SkyFonts application and sign in with Fonts.com account. At the same time, login Fonts.com on web browser too.
  2. Go to Fonts webpage and browse Gallery.
  3. Click on SkyFonts button corresponding to the font you want to download and Press “Add”.


That’s it. Every font you select will now be synced with your Windows/Mac Computer. Now, when you click Manage Fonts button infront of Google Fonts in software application, you will notice .TTF fonts in a temporary directory.

Right click and install them to Windows Font library.

Do you know? You can create your own Fonts too!

From now on, in any application where Text can be written, you can select Google Web fonts too. Watch the video below for demonstration.

Photo Credit: Stew

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