Work Faster by Blocking Distracting Websites at Schedule Time

“Work is hard, Distractions are plentiful and Time is short.”

Yes, it is true that everyone has shortage of time in their lives. Some people wants to go for a Table Tennis game after work, some wants their children to go for Guitar classes after school and some wants to stay away from sites like: Facebook, College Humor, BuzzFeed etc. If you are reading this then you are also one of them who wants to stay away from distractions and focus on work. After all, it’s your work that matters.

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Cold Turkey is a simple app which let you block distracting websites like: Facebook, BuzzFeed, College Humor, 9gag etc. Let’s see How you can increase productivity with Cold Turkey. You can download Cold Turkey from here.

Cold Turkey Downloaded

Cold Turkey is a freemium app. If you want to buy the subscription, you can buy one. For this tutorial, we are going to use the free app.


Installing Cold Turkey is not a complicated task. Download and install it like you install other software on your computer. Here is a screenshot walk around:

Cold Turkey will be automatically started, once you finish installing it. Cold Turkey has three sections. Group A, Group B and Group C. The developer has done a great task here because depending on your schedule, you might want to block different set of websites. Just fill in the website name in the box at top and click the group button and the website will get added to that specific group.

Add Website Cold Turkey

Once you add all the websites to be blocked, just switch over to Schedule tab. Here you can set time period to block a certain group or all groups. The free version only allows you to block websites for three days. After three days, you have to add the details and set the time again. If you don’t want to spend money on buying this app then you can make a file of the websites you want to block and just import it after three days. It will be much easier than adding websites after every three days.

Schedule Cold Turkey

Once you have scheduled timings for each group switch over to Start tab. You might want to un-tick the “Let my friends know I’m going Cold Turkey” box. Now click on “Go Cold Turkey” and restart your browser.

Cold Turkey Started

Congratulations! You have blocked those distracting websites. Now you can focus on your work.


You can’t edit the websites list and you can’t uninstall Cold Turkey during the block period. So make sure you enter the right details otherwise, you will be blocked from your added websites.

We tried opening the blocked websites but this thing showed up.

Buzzfeed Blocked

The good part is that if you try opening those websites, it will come up with motivational quotes about work and life which is a great thing.

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