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Photo editing is a basic part of our life. Specially when we are constantly sharing photos with friends on Social Networking sites. Editing and adding effects to a single photo is easy and can be done through many software available in the market. But when time comes to make a Photo Collage, it becomes really hard to find a single cutting edge software meeting all our needs.

The biggest problem with the free Photo Collage maker software is that they are not good enough to deliver the final polish and quality. Apart from that you are restricted to very few options while creating the collage. If you are looking for a professional Collage creator software then raise the curtain and switch to Photo Collage Maker.

Photo Collage Maker is one of the Best Photo Collage Maker for Windows that I have used so far. Photo Collage Maker has a simple interface to work with. Lets see how we can make a professional looking Photo collage without any hassle. In fact, you can download collage maker to try it yourself!

Working with Photo Collage Maker

As I have mentioned earlier, Photo Collage Maker is easy to use. Even if you are making your first photo collage, you will not face a single difficulty. The main reason for this is the drag & drop feature with which you can do almost everything in collage.


To create a Photo Collage for the first time click on New Project. Now you have the option to create the collage from scratch or use a template. If you do not want to spend much time on the page creation, just go with the template option.

Photo Collage Maker Templates

You will find a lot of collage templates in Photo Collage Maker. These templates are pre designed with a background and image positions. There is no need to worry as the templates are totally customizable and you can change almost everything in it. Once you have selected the appropriate template click on Next to avail the page layout settings.

Collage maker page layout

Setup this page according to your needs. If you are creating a collage for online sharing, then make the image resolution smaller. On the other hand keep higher resolutions for printing purposes.

Creating the Collage

Create friend photo Collages

To add photos to the selected template select the folder which consists the photos from left panel of Photo Collage Maker. Once the folder is selected, photo thumbnails will be displayed. You just need to drag & drop photos on desired locations.

You can rotate photos, resize them, adjust photo frame and move them to suitable locations on the template. From the left panel, you will also be able to change the template background. There are a lot of photo frames and text formats that you can choose from.

After adding the Photos, you can flip them or fix the aspect ratio to protect the photos from distorting. Select the photos which you want to appear on top or bottom. You can then lock the layer so that the specific photos remain at selected layer. Once everything is on place, save the final collage. Save the collage in popular image formats like JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG and BMP.

Photo collage creator themes

You can change the overall look of Photo Collage Maker with 7 available skins, now that’s refreshing! Photo Collage Creator works flawlessly and has been tested on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. Find out more features on its Official Website.

Still wondering whether it will be easy enough and satisfactory for you? Here is a video guide to create elegant Collages with Photo Collage Maker.

Create Collages with Photo Collage Maker [ Video ]


I was totally satisfied with the high quality Collages created by Photo Collage Maker. Photo Collage maker is not free and comes with a 10 days free trial. So, if you are in search of a complete and easy College maker without wasting any of your precious time then definitely you should try Photo Collage Maker.

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Gagandeep Singh - March 25, 2013

Amazing Post. Thanx for sharing it.. Really Informative.

Amit - March 30, 2013

picasa does the same job in what respect does this software ahead of picasa.

Panel Saw Machinery - April 1, 2013

NIce Post…
Very informative & useful for me As i like to edit the pictures & create Collages…..

Vishesh Kachheda - April 2, 2013

Very good post!
The software talked about is also very good, I have used it and it’s really good 🙂

Hemant Jain - April 3, 2013

good post, photocollage maker is good quality software. thanks.

Yogesh - April 14, 2013

I loved it. It good than Picasa.


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