PowerDVD 13 Review: Is it Really #1 Video Player?

A great video player can give you the best experience out of any video you play. Not just only the HD videos but also with standard quality videos. Free video players like VLC and POT Player stands up to the expectation of a home user. However, if you are expecting cutting edge video quality out of your video player then the only option is to switch to a player that can satisfy all your needs without dropping a sweat.

Power DVD has always been up to the standard with its video playback quality. Particularly from Power DVD 12, there is a whole new list of features being added and it continues in Power DVD 13 too. There are several versions available namely Deluxe, Pro and Ultra edition. Ultra Version features all the functionality that Power DVD 13 has to offer.

In this article, we will be making Power DVD 13 Ultra detailed review stressing on the new features and playback quality and various other factors that can make you a happy and satisfied user.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra Features

Power DVD 13 Ultra review

Power DVD 13 has a lot of new and useful features. Let’s see what are they.

Power DVD 13 Feature List

  • Customizable and easy to use UI.
  • Extended video format support from commonly used MKV to HD AVCHD format.
  • Media library management is way better than any version of Power DVD.
  • Integration of Social Web services like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube.
  • Customizable and better quality subtitles.
  • Better Video controls during playback.
  • Improved integrated DLNA services and remote control with Smart Phones via mobile apps.

Download PowerDVD 13 now and try out yourself.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra User Interface

PowerDVD 13 ultra Interface

Power DVD 13 Ultra has a simple and easy to understand interface. Each and every feature can be availed from the left panel. If you have added folders to your libraries, you can find them under appropriate categories like Movies, Music and Photos.

With the quick options you can find Media in USB storage devices really quick. The best thing about this interface is that you do not have to spend additional time understanding it. Rest of the features will be discussed later on.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra UI Customization

PowerDVD 13 Ultra custom interface

Do not like the items present on the player. Well, there is nothing to worry. You can now customize options present on the player interface, selecting between what to show and what to hide. UI customization helps you in keeping the interface clean and only opt for required or most frequently used features on the front end.

To achieve this, all you need to do is go to UI Customization and Un check the features you do not use.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra Video Playback

PowerDVD 13 Ultra Video playback

Video Playback quality of Power DVD 13 is awesome. With True Theater on, you will clearly see the difference even on low non HD videos. Power DVD 13 delivers an unmatched video playback experience over other video players.

You can bookmark your favorite videos, control video playback using keyboard shortcuts and enable / disable 3D.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra 3D & True Theater Settings

3D and True Theater are not entirely new features. We have already seen these features in Power DVD 12. In the current version these features have been improved a lot. True Theater makes the processing heavy but the visual output is clearly notable.

Remarkable thing about 3D display is that you get it even on 2D video, On the Fly! there is no need to convert videos prior to play.

Supported 3d Formats

PowerDVD 13 Ultra 3d formats

By default you will get Anaglyph 3D display i.e Red – Cyan for a non 3D monitor. If you are having a 3D supported monitor, Power DVD will auto detect it.

Setting Up 3D

Power dvd 13 ultra 3d options

Usually there is no need to set up 3D Manually. But in case you are facing trouble watching 2D videos in 3D then you can adjust the dept and swap eye view. If you monitor is not detected properly, you can manually select display from provided list.

True Theater Setup

POwer DVD trueTheatre settings

True Theater technology allows you to view videos with greater quality and stability. You can also select True Theater sound for virtual speaker effects such as living room, theater and stadium.

You can easily get the difference with true Theater feature on. Its preferable to select hardware acceleration for decoding but you may try out different options to see what works best for you.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra Online Features

PowerDVD 13 youtube

Talking about online features, you will be getting automatic cover pictures to added media in movies. Movie details, ratings, cast information is also displayed. You can also buy music with the integrated 7 Digital online store.

Adding you Facebook and YouTube Account to Power DVD is totally fun. You can view photos from Facebook and Flicker and also upload photos. Videos can be directly uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

Power DVD 13 youtube playback

Best thing about YouTube is, you can browse it from within Power DVD as if you were browsing on your desktop browser. Not only that, the True Theater effects also apply on the YouTube videos. So, you get the best quality out of YouTube Videos.

Power DVD 13 Ultra Remote Control & DLNA

You can now setup your PC with your TV and enjoy your movies without the need to touch your PC. You can control video playback your Android and iOS Devices.

Smart Phone Remote Control

Power DVD Remote

On the Mobile app you can select to control the categories. With Movie category You can switch between a normal remote to a DVD / BD remote, which is more convenient while playing discs. You also have a touchpad feature to control mouse cursor.

DLNA Media Feature

Power DVD 13 Ultra DLNA

With DLNA feature you can stream you media from one device to another. Access all your movies, photos and music files from PC or phone. You also have the option to request streaming of particular media from any connected device to home media.

 Power DVD 13 Ultra CPU & Memory Usage

power dvd13 ultra CPU Usage

Well, it is clearly visible that Power DVD is memory and CPU hungry application. The stats provided here are without 3D turned on. With 3D turned on a 2D video the memory usage reaches nearly 500 MB.

Pot Player on the other hand worked on the same video with 150 MB memory consumption. Again the quality and feature difference is visible.

So, if you are having a good config system you do not need to worry about Power DVDs needs. If not then you will be definitely experiencing lags during movie Playback. Requirements will rise when you connect your PC to an Ultra HD Monitor.


Power DVD Ultra 13 is best video player when you are thinking of buying one. It takes away all your media related worries giving you a complete package of features. So, for people who don’t want to compromise with quality, it can prove to be a #1 choice.

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Power DVD 13 Ultra was tested on Alienware M 14x R2 with Core i7 3630 QM, 6 GB RAM and Nvidia GT 650 M with 1 GB dedicated memory. Platform used was Windows 8 64 Bit. It performed brilliantly without any issues or lags.

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