Radian: Launch Applications from anywhere within Windows

An application launcher is a small utility that allows you to launch applications from your desktop without making lot of desktop shortcuts for them. Radian is an Open Source application that works bit differently and provides a classy interface and with lot of customizations.

It can provide customizations so that you can select applications you like, that can be launched quickly later from anywhere in windows with a click.

After installing radian, it opens in design mode where you can choose what applications you want in each boxes, you can also define colors of the partitions. By default it places some shortcuts in the boxes you have to go in the configuration for each box and select them to custom, if you want to redefine everything. You can also drag and drop items in these boxes. Click on settings on the main windows and adjust the loading speed of radian circle.

As you finish configuring you can launch these partitions from anywhere in windows. Just click and hold right mouse click and radian will appear. Select partition then the application and click on it.

My Verdict

If you pay lot of attention to your desktop looks and love shortcuts to perform your work in a very classy manner, you will definitely love this application. It consists almost enough boxes to accommodate applications that you require frequently. You can use the four partitions to keep applications of particular type i.e. upper partition for browsers, lower for games etc. This will make things faster and more organized for you.

Download: Radian

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