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Symptoms is a browser hijacker. It hijacks your homepage, new tab and default search engine. It does not let you change the settings. It comes back when you restart your browser. displays fake search results with ads and malicious product links. It gets to enter in your computer with the help of other free or pirated software you download from the internet.


You can either remove using manual method and automatic method. The manual process is time taken and required expert computer skills. However, the automatic method is hassle-free. You can download MalwareFox anti-malware for the task. It will scan your computer and remove all the malware including browser hijackers.

More... is a browser hijacker; it attacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge browser. It hijacks their homepage, new tab, and default search engine. It displays malicious ads on your browser. When you search something, it shows fake search results. Also, it steals your personal information such as IP Address, Geo Location, Search History, Browse History and some hardware information. This browser hijacker enters in your computer using software bundling method. When you download and install free and pirated software from the internet, it also gets installed. In this article, you will know how to remove hijacker from all your browsers, but first, let's see how it enters in your computer.

How to Remove from All Browsers

How Spread? pretends to be a search engine that respects your privacy. It is nothing but a big lie. It keeps track of all your online activity and uses this information to serve targeted ads. Usually, spread with the help of software bundling. The makers of this hijacker bundle it with popular software. When you download such free or pirated software, it enters in your computer. At the time of installation, it shows terms and condition page for the hijacker which is preselected. Sometimes you do not pay attention and click on next, and sometimes you think it is an important feature. The browser hijacker also uses other methods to spread such as spam emails and malicious websites.

Why it is Important to Remove is a fake search engine. It does not show accurate search results like Google. It displays lots of ads on the search result page with malicious product ads. It also records the search terms you use. Using this search engine is a serious threat to your privacy.

Browser Hijacker like tracks everything you do online. It keeps the record of your browser history, search results, IP Address, Location, and even hardware information. It not only records this information but also sells it to other third party clients to generate revenue. It is a breach of confidentiality.

  • Fake Search Results
  • Breach of Confidentiality 
  • Ruined Browsing Experience 

Beyond these risks, if you do not remove this hijacker then it is most likely that you infect your computer with more severe threat like Ransomware, Spyware, and Zero Day Malware.

How to Remove from your Computer?

Manually Remove

Uninstall Malicious Programs

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

1. Right Click on the Start Menu and Click Control Panel 

2. Choose Category View, Under the Program Section, select Uninstall a Program

3 - Now, find any recently installed potentially unwanted programs (PUP), choose these applications and Click on Uninstall.

Remove from Browsers

  • Chrome
  • firefox
  • internet explorer

Delete Malicious Extension

Reset Internet Explorer

Automatically Remove

The manual method of removing was hectic and time taking. If you have followed above approach and the hijacker is still there, then there is no need to worry. Here we have an automatic method which doesn't take much of your time and indeed remove this hijacker. To follow this, you need to download an excellent anti-malware capable of cleaning all your computer including browser hijacker and adware. This anti-malware is called MawareFox. It is robust suite to get rid of all significant modern computer threats. To continue with this step, download MalwareFox.

Step 1 - Download and Install MalwareFox

After downloading MalwareFox click on the installer.

Now choose your desired language and follow the instructions to install the MalwareFox on your computer.

After completing the installation, the MalwareFox will update the application to its latest version. Let it update.

Now it will sync the Malware database with the server. It is the crucial step as it needs to know latest types of malware.

Step 2 - Scan and Clean your Computer

When the update process completes, it will show Real Time Protection: On. Now you can scan your computer. Press Scan button and leave everything on MalwareFox, it knows how to deal with browser hijacker and other malware.

After the complete scan click on Next button to clean your computer thoroughly.

How to Avoid Hijacker?

Prevention is better than cure! It is a good idea to avoid such circumstances so that you do not face any problem later. We just need to pay little attention to our action with our computer, that is all. Here are few things to keep in mind to avoid getting infected from such hijackers.

  • Do not download free or pirated software from the internet.
  • Pay attention to the installation steps and deselect any other recommendation than the actual product.
  • Do not open and download the attachment from the spam emails.
  • bullhorn
    Stay cautious while browsing the internet, do not click on suspicious links.
  • bullhorn
    Install a good anti-malware such as MalwareFox to stay protected 24x7 from modern threats.
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