View Picasa favorites as Starred Thumbnail on Windows

Picasa is a very well known and useful image editor commonly used by home users to easily edit and retouch images. It helps in proper arrangement of your images by creating new albums and can also upload them to Picasa web album. There’s a useful option to mark your favorite image with a star so that you can view them in a single favorite category. Now this work will be bit more easy with PicasaExt.



picasa extensions

PicasaExt is a small extension for picasa image viewer. This extension helps in integrating picasa with windows. With this extension installed, any image you tag as favorite in image viewer will also appear as a star mark on the image thumbnail in windows. you can now open image folders directly to view which images you have marked as favorite.

This extension works well on all versions of windows above windows 98 and also supports 32 and 64 bit. Once the extension is installed you have to restart once and your favorite images will be ready for you in windows folder.

Download: PicasaExt

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