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Wix integrates SEO Features Making it Awesome Site Builder

Wix seo review

When it comes to building a website, there are many options. First, you can code the entire site using modern web-building languages. Then, there are platforms like WordPress and Joomla that can get a website ready but not without some basic knowledge, you will also need a web hosting choice, rest-assured there are plenty of budget-friendly options, for all the beginners out there. However, you can go for an efficient website builder service. is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to create your dream website in the shortest time possible. It is possible using its drag-and-drop components and impressive templates. If you are yet to use, check out this How to make a website video tutorial. Continue reading


HTML Validation of Blog Site: Why and How to Do it Effectively?

w3c validation of blog site

Validating HTML is the process of authenticating the syntax of the HTML code. It is done to ensure that the HTML code complies with the principles defined by the World Wide Web association. A valid HTML code ensures easy maintenance for the future as it provides a trouble-free environment to work. It not only reflects a degree of professionalism but also teaches you some good practices. Continue reading


How to Compete With Your Fellow Bloggers

blogger competition

Till date more than 50 million blogs have been posted on the internet. Now a day, blogs comprise a major aspect of the internet besides the giant social networking sites like Facebook, most of the internet is built by Bloggers. That is why there is a line which has become immensely  popular among the bloggers : Continue reading

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