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Why You Should Stop Visiting Local Shop and Start Online Shopping

Are you still making purchases from local shop? In this post, I would like to give you some insights on why you should consider online shopping instead. I have been an early adopter and now a regular online shopper who buys from printer cartridges to shoe polish online.

Reasons are justified:

It is Cheap

First and foremost reason of shopping online is Savings.

With so many web stores on the internet, there is a cut-throat competition and almost everyone is competing on pricing.

How many times you have considered visiting more than 3 shops for comparing prices? At a point, you settle down for the one which YOU think is reasonable. In online shopping however, you can go on opening browser tabs after tabs to visit shops after shops. If that isn’t enough, we have sophisticated solutions like price comparison websites to find the cheapest online retailer.

Also, you can always find a discount coupon which can help you save few more bucks. To find a coupon, just google search the keyword “ coupon code“.

That’s not the end, online shops offer various promotional offers which you will come to know about on checkout. Products like Magento discount extensions help webmasters setup various rules for offering discount to customers.


Free Home Delivery

You don’t have to go out chasing traffic. Though not every time, but in most of the cases, you are eligible for free home delivery of the product. Even if they ask, amount is minimal and nothing compared to the comfort and convenience of shopping offered.

Read Reviews before Purchase

Customer Reviews

In a shop, person serving you would always offer something he want to sell, not something you want to buy. If you are unaware, your decision of purchase will highly depend on what others say. In online shopping, you get to read the read reviews about the product from real customers.

Return/Refund Policy

No Refund Policy

This is seen in general in most local shops.

Online sites have set fixed rules for return and refund of product which is generally not seen in local shops (at least in India). I have been a customer of Myntra.com for years now. Though, never faced such refund issue but once when I did, they accepted the faulty product even after the grace period mentioned in return policy.

This may certainly vary from shop to shop but with so much competition online and customers with freedom of speech on social platforms, they do worry about reputation.

No Compulsion to Buy

I have had many awkward instances when sales person tries to impose his tactics. It is not easy moving out empty hands in those situations. However, there is no such real person involved in online shopping.

Definitely, there are some things which you cannot buy online such as fuel (petrol/diesel) or shouldn’t buy online such as prescribed medicines. For other stuff, you should consider online purchase.

I hope I was convincing enough with valid reasons. Let me know what is stopping you from online shopping by commenting below.

Some resources which you could find helpful:

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Dr. Hubert Hechabarria - August 20, 2014

Dear Rohit:

Shopping on line is a pure disaster for me. Example I was going to purchase my ESET NOD32 Home Anti Virus V 7.0.307.4 and the price was $44 per pc per year, I went to a large computer store called, http://www.yoytec.com located about ten minutes away from my home in Bella Vista, Panama. I was able to obtain the same ESET NOD32 Home Anti Virus, 3 PC one year for $36.34. A savings of almost $8.00 Plus when I order online the duty when the item arrives in Panama, is double the actual cost, plus the charges for weight. Two Kensington mouse from Las, Vegas, Nevada *United States), cost via online purchase $30.00. Upon receipt in Panama, I had to pay $100 because “Mail Box Etc., said the extra cost was due to weight. Maybe in India, they do not screw you over like customs/duty screws you over here.

    Rohit Langde - August 22, 2014

    Hello Dr. Hubert,
    For software products, prefer digital delivery only.
    About Customs duty, they apply only when ordering internationally.
    Next time, do check TOS and shipping charges while checkout.

    Here’s something which can help you: https://www.blogsolute.com/tips-for-saving-money-online-shopping/17790/

Ganesh - August 20, 2014

The information is relevant and helpful for better shopping… One thing is missing here that you could have given some website link for online shopping It will be helpful for a user like me who have never been done online shopping

    Rohit Langde - August 22, 2014

    Hi Ganesh,
    Thanks for appreciating article. I have deliberately not included shopping site links in article because the ones I know ship only to India.
    As you have taken time to comment, let me list them according to priority:
    Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal for Personal Care and Gadgets,
    Myntra preferably for Clothes and Accessories
    Cleartrip preferably for travels.
    DealExtreme sometimes for finding cool gadgets. (They ship internationally).

    Again, priorities change according to price. Even I as a customer want products at cheapest price 😛

    Hope that helps. 🙂

suzyspring - August 21, 2014

online shopping is useful. It save time, travel expenditure, tiredness etc
I use to shop online a lot. But many people are not sure to do so. May be this article can help them to know more about it.

Nilesh Govindrajan - September 12, 2014

The problem with online shopping:
1. Kills an opportunity to roam around (well, roaming is fun in spite of traffic and other nuisances).
2. Courier delivery trouble if house is locked most of the time (office/college/etc).

Mr Sumit - September 15, 2014

Really this is unsolved puzzle what to choose in respective field or which is the best for us.?
According to my opinion i recommend you Just start online shopping which has a lots of advantages. You also get a coupons and lots of discount, and mainly thing you can also return that stuffs, if you don’t like it. The shopkeepers could give you a great discount but no return policy. Better Choose online, its very easy and lots of variety available.


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