Why I Chose Weebly To Build My First Website

On a pale Sunday morning, I cracked my knuckles, uneasy with the stress that building a website was giving me. Scripting had never been my forte, so it definitely put me out of the league of cryptic coders and ‘pro-websites’. But I was bent on having a personalized tag that would read ‘All copyrights reserved’, with that symbol which makes all the data my sole property. ©.

Being an amateur and a rustic Indian at heart, I was not willing to risk an investment. This led me to Google- ‘free website hosting sites‘. There were several links available. The list went on with hi-tech and lucidly efficient options which were based on sophisticated technologies and scripted in secured codes like PHP and SQL which is used by Joomla or WordPress.

why weebly

I was disappointed to realize there was but; little scope for non-programmers. The templates were all appealing but Weebly seemed to have captured my specific attention. It was because it had a user friendly interface that gave me quick access and understanding to its myriad functioning. Another aspect that intrigued me was its programming which was done in HTML, which is decades old code and thus, holds magnanimous credibility.

Weebly provides large channels of social media integration, which defines wider outreach as well as inclusion of social plugins to make your webpage interactive as well as dynamic at the same hour.

The Weebly support Team has been at its toe to guide me; even though there is a painfully detailed information on ‘How-to’ on the Weebly website. If you need help designing your new website plumbing websites can help you get started. A space has been made available to include media files as well as animation for enhancing the aesthetic value of your prototype.

The revenue model was never neglected by Weebly when they designed the marketing strategy of this website rather it included the option of E-commerce and SEO which made it incredibly easy to be located on search engines.

In the end, Weebly is not a catch because of all that is mentioned but for it providing the option of a Weebly sub-domain as well as a ‘.com’ domain hosted by Weebly.

Should You Use Weebly?

Weebly is ideal for small businesses, photographers, designers and personal websites as this South Coast Web Design company recommends. Basically, if you want to build a good looking and functional website quickly and painlessly so you can focus on other things, Weebly is a good choice for you, you can follow the advice of this website design miami on how to use weebly to build responsive and beautiful sites.

You must visit the showcase and browse some awesome sites created on Weebly.

Here, I leave you with a presentation on how Weebly Website Builder works.

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Varun - February 16, 2013

Nice Article, but isn’t Blogger better than the Weebly. Blogger also have so many option to customize and their are many useful websites for perfecting in Blogger.
and one more thing you moved from Feedburner to AWeber ?

    Rohit Langde - February 16, 2013

    Hey Varun,
    There is a difference in both of these platforms. Blogger is a dedicated blogging tool whereas Weebly is more inclined towards building so called traditional website.
    I agree Blogger too can be customized to be used for making a static website but then why to go for it when we have a dedicated website building tools.

    No, I haven’t moved to Aweber from Feedburner.
    Feedburner will still deliver regular posts published but Aweber will be more of used to send personalized newsletters.

Ravi kumar - February 17, 2013

You Right Mr Rohit, Weebly is most suitable for Small business website, as it is free. Small business owner do not want to invest in their Internet Marketing activities. Weebly provide good support to them.

As far as Blogger is concern, Small business owner only want to create pages for their website simply. They do not want more there.

Blogger is also good.


Nihar - February 19, 2013

Nice post. I haven’t tried weebly but heard of it. Will try sometime soon.

Gagan Masoun - February 20, 2013

I also made some sites on weebly, but they deleted my sites after 2 months 🙂 . Did not find any reason 😮

    Rohit Langde - February 20, 2013

    They may have sent warning or some notification via email. Often such free hosts delete sites when your site doesn’t comply with their policies.

      Gagan Masoun - February 20, 2013

      Yes, brother you are right, I think they thought I am fraud type person lol 🙂

Makaan - August 27, 2013

Hi, I am also using weebly.com for blogging. It provides a good platform to post your blog. It also have facilities to share your blogs with other social media sites.

Ahmed - April 22, 2014

Weebly is good to make website not as a blogging platform. Takes a long time compared to blogger

Rocky - August 21, 2016

i start blogging on blogger and one of my blog still on blogger and doing well. I want to ask which Seo works better, Weebly or Blogger?


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